Women demonstrate in front of Union Buildings for churches to open to 50% capacity


Pretoria – The march by women on Saturday at the Union Buildings against the lockdown restriction on the number of people attending churches was just the start of efforts to pressure the government to allow churches to operate at 50% of their capacity. capacity.

This is according to Pastor Thobile Magerman on behalf of walkers being transported by bus to Pretoria from all over Gauteng.

The participants were dressed in black attire as a symbol to deplore the cases of women victims of gender-based violence.

They expressed determination to force the government to accede to demands to set aside regulations limiting attendance to 250 and allowing churches to operate at 50 percent of capacity.

Magerman said: “Unrestricted freedom of religion is a basic and fundamental human right. There is no way we cannot get what we want from government.

“You can see that everything else is up and running, operating on a large scale – public transport and entertainment centers – and the numbers for Covid-19 have dropped significantly. “

Asked what next step if the government does not respond to their call, she said: “If we don’t get what we want, we will have to go back to the drawing board where we started.”

However, she hopes that President Cyril Ramaphosa will listen to their demands and take them into consideration.

The walkers, she said, were frustrated because churches were restricted despite being places where “we get healing, comfort, counseling and rehabilitation, even for the perpetrators.”

News from Pretoria


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