We must rekindle the fire

Today, the topic “Relighting” suggests that the fire has gone out, cooled, has become indifferent, or in some cases may be completely extinguished.

To re-ignite, that is to say to bring back alive; stir the embers; in this case it means reviving and bringing back to spiritual life. “Rekindle the fire” is a time when we return home to God, rededicate our lives to Him, taking into account the word of James in the book of James when he said in 4: 8: “If we we draw near to God; God will draw near to us.

It’s a time when we renew our commitment to him, come back to him.

Community, we need the Lord; now more than ever; living in the last days (1Tim. 3: 1), and the way it is now, this is not the time to live away from God; this is not the time to cool down in our communion with him, in our life of prayer, in our reading of the Bible; in fact, we must now live closer to God than ever before; seeing the signs of the times, our spiritual fire must be hotter than it has ever been before; So it’s time to go home, to “rekindle the fire!” now what does the word “rekindle” mean?

The word “rekindle” means “to excite, stir or wake up again” … to make it burn again. We all know that; like for example “rekindling a romance”… where marriage has become stagnant and dry; the romance that was once there; the thing that made a man and a woman fall in love in the beginning has waned, the flame of romance has died down and sometimes marriage has gone too; couples seek marriage counseling, go on cruises, take time together in an effort to “rekindle” the flame of love they once had and revitalize their marriage.

Friends, we need a revival. I mean we really, really need a wake-up call; and when I say that, I mean the Christian believer all over the world, especially our country is in need of a revival; the church as a whole needs a revival; my friends, this pandemic has put out the church fire to some extent; through no fault of our own, we found ourselves plunged into a pandemic that we had not seen coming; it made us lose our rhythm; took us out of the church for a while; didn’t have a “Community Day”… couldn’t have a “Family and Friends Day”… didn’t have a revival last year; away from church on Sunday mornings and from the fellowship of our church family, as well as the loss of members’ lives due to Covid and other illnesses can decrease the spiritual fire and cause us to lose our rhythm; it can take away the clapping of our hands, the stamping of our feet and the joy of our hearts; It could happen.

I’m telling you, we need a revival; pastors around the world preached via FB Live, YouTube, ZOOM and other media trying to keep the fire alive in the church. Now, the reason the nation needs a revival, is the church needs a revival; that’s where it starts, with the church; and when the church catches fire, then the flames of that fire will spread through the nation; and people will turn to God! Jesus is coming soon, especially for those who seek him (Hebrews 9:28); and we have to be in place when it comes.

The king of Israel, influenced by his wicked wife Jezebel, turned the hearts of God’s people away; of all that God had done in bringing them out of Egypt among other miracles, they are brought under the worship of another god under the direction of Ahab (1 Kings 16: 29-31); the fire for the God who brought them out of Egypt was almost dead; they were divided in their allegiance; their “fire needed to be rekindled”… after having confronted Ahab, Elijah the prophet confronts the people with a question of the greatest importance; he says, “How long do you stop between two opinions?” if the Lord is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him; and the people (under conviction) did not answer him a word (1 Kings 18:21).

And that’s the question I want to ask all of us today. If we are going to serve the Lord, serve him; and if we are going to serve Satan, then serve him; don’t stop between two opinions; do not be divided in your thoughts between God and Satan; if God is what he says he is, and we say he is and has done what we say he has, then serve him; God wants all of us or none of you.

Elijah challenged the 450 false prophets of Baal at OK Corral in Mt. Carmel (verse 22)… he said and “the God who answers by fire let him be God (v. 24)”. The false prophets called on their god but there was no answer; Then Elijah called on the name of the Lord in prayer; fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering (v. 38). Then the people said: “The Lord is God (v. 39)”.

Community, there is only one true God… and that is the God we serve… the God who said “Let there be light; and there was light… it was he who scattered the stars in the sky; breathe into man and man became a living soul (Genesis 2: 7). God has been so good. Let’s confess our sin and “rekindle the fire.”

Reverend George Ellis is the pastor of Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church.

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