VHP to launch nationwide campaign against ‘illegal’ religious conversions on Monday

The Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) will launch an 11-day campaign on Monday, pushing for the enactment of a “strict” law against “illegal” religious conversions and legal provisions to ensure that tribals converting to Islam and to Christianity do not get the right to the reservation benefits and other facilities available to the listed tribes under the Constitution.

Ahead of the launch of the national campaign, the VHP approached 327 MPs from various political parties, including the BJP, Congress, JD (U), RJD, AAP, TMC, CPI (M) and NC , asking them to support his demands for an anti-conversion law and a constitutional amendment to stop the benefits of reservation and other benefits for tribals who give up their faith to embrace another, said the current chairman of the organization, Alok Kumar, at a press conference here on Saturday.

He did not, however, share the names of the MPs the VHP had approached to enlist their support for his demands. During the campaign which will end on December 31, various programs will be organized to strengthen Hindu society, Kumar said. “Efforts will also be made to bring those who have converted to other faiths to the Hindu religion,” he added.

While public awareness will be enhanced through the distribution of literature and pamphlets, public meetings and small group meetings will be organized “to expose the plots of those who have engaged in conversions so that Hindu society will see their actions. anti-Hindu and anti-national and wake up to stop this, ”said the leader of the VHP.

“It is not because of the inner conscience that people (Hindus) convert to other faiths. They convert through seduction, fear or deception,” he said. Any religious conversion through seduction, fear or deception is contrary to the religious freedoms granted by the Constitution and also to the dignity of an individual, Kumar said. “Strict law should be enacted against such religious conversions by states and the Center,” he added.

Referring to the issue of converting tribals, Kumar said the constitution should be amended to ensure that tribals who convert to another religion do not enjoy the benefits of reservation and other facilities provided to List Tribes under the Constitution.

“Tribes who abandon the faith of their ancestors and convert to another religion also abandon the faith, tradition and system of their worship,” he argued, adding: “Members of listed castes do not benefit of the benefits of booking after converting to another religion. religion. We believe the same should happen in the case of those from the Listed Tribes embracing another religion. “

The VHP chief said the team will continue to reach out to more parliamentarians to discuss various issues relating to religious conversions in the country and seek their support for the enactment of an anti-conversion law and provisions to stop the benefits of reservation and other facilities for the tribes converting to other religions.

“Of the 327 deputies we have met so far, 10 are Muslims and eight are Christians. We had a very frank interaction during the individual interviews with each of the deputies. We have assured them that their names will not be made public. We have a consensus on the issue and we believe that in the days to come we can step up our movement against conversions, ”he said.

Kumar said there had been a drop in the number of cases of “illegal” religious conversions and “jihad of love” in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh after the two states enacted anti-conversion laws and took action against “certain people”.

-With PTI inputs

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