University of Finlandia to require masks indoors for 3 weeks


HANCOCK, Michigan (WLUC) – The University of Finlandia on Friday announced updated plans for her return to class this fall.

Information from the university, its “FinnU Vacc to School Challenge”, is below.

“We are part of a community here at Finlandia University. Rooted and open, we are dedicated to academic excellence, spiritual growth and service. Finlandia’s number one priority is to carry out this mission by educating its students in a healthy and safe way.

President Johnson’s message to the community of Finlandia is at the heart of this top priority. We call these measures our FinnU Vacc to School Challenge.

A challenge centered on a community, a goal and a number, 70%. Community-centered and serving to protect our neighbors as well as ourselves, we strive to achieve a campus-wide vaccination status of 70%. Informed by science, aware of internal and external constituencies, we are taking this step now to enable our students to continue their in-person learning experience that is so appreciated here at our institution.

Although it is not mandatory, Finlandia encourages its students to get vaccinated. For what we do as individuals, we can do it as a community. One community, one goal, one number.

  • From August 9 to 29, we will be wearing masks indoors for three weeks, vaccinated or not, as we assess our levels of risk to the community.
  • No mask will be required outside. Finlandia encourages its community to take advantage of the magnificent UP environment that is offered to us.
  • Class sessions will return to normal, with the added protection of our three week hiding policy.
  • We urge, but do not compel, that all vaccinated students report their vaccine, be rewarded, and support our efforts.

We ask all of you to read our COVID-19 2021-2022 policies not only to familiarize yourself with our guiding principles for this fall, but to understand why.


As part of their Vacc to School Challenge, Finlandia announced that it will hand out textbooks for the semester to 10 vaccinated students who report their vaccine through the FinnU Vacc to School Challenge Vaccine Reporter.

The prices don’t stop there. On August 5, Finlandia announced that it will allocate $ 100 in cash to all of its students who will submit a copy of their vaccination card by September 3 stating that at least 1 of 2 Moderna / Pfizer vaccines have been received or one vaccine Johnson & Johnson. .

Additional raffles will take place on August 27, including ski passes, a Nintendo Switch, gift cards at local restaurants, a MacBook Pro, AirPods, Beats headphones, Xbox live memberships and more!

Students who participate in the challenge also have the chance to win a final grand cash prize of $ 2,000 once the university has reached its challenge goal of 70%. A quote between the students for all these incredible prices.



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