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ANDERSON — To honor Martin Luther King Jr. and his legacy, about 40 Anderson University students and staff donated a few hours of their time Monday to various community organizations.

“We were just looking for a way, because of Dr. King’s legacy, to make an impact in the community,” said Becca Palmer, director of spiritual formation at UA.

The Christian Center, Willow Place, and Park Place Community Center have all received help from UA students and staff.

At Willow Place, volunteers performed a variety of tasks, cleaning restrooms and sorting donations. The Anderson Women’s Emergency Shelter was founded about two years ago and continues to build a volunteer base.

“We appreciate any group that comes in and helps out,” said Kay Martinez, Residential Dorm Assistant at Willow Place.

UA volunteers always work efficiently and diligently when helping at Willow Place, according to Martinez.

“I love their attitude and willingness to serve,” she said. “We can’t wait to see any type of band come in and do stuff like that.”

UA held no classes on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, allowing students to get involved in the various events and holiday programs at Anderson.

While many students decided to spend the day with friends or stay in the dorm or at home to study or relax, some UA students chose to volunteer on Monday.

Emmanuel Garang, a freshman at UA, said he enjoys volunteering and serving the community.

“I want to see the community flourish. … I want to see Anderson grow and flourish,” said Dillion Lockwood, residential director and graduate student at UA.

Erica Smatlak, a junior social work major, said she volunteers because she loves any opportunity to use her skills to help others.

According to Palmer, UA students are not required to log hours of service. But as a Christian university, AU values ​​service within the community.

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