TikTok, Facebook and Instagram won’t ban astrology and tarot content

  • A false claim has spread that TikTok, Facebook and Instagram are planning to ban astrology and tarot content.
  • The claim appears to be from TikTok and spread on Twitter.
  • TikTok and Meta have confirmed to Insider that this type of content is allowed on the platforms.

A rumor that TikTok, Instagram and Facebook were planning to ban astrology and tarot-related content on their platforms was spreading on social media, but that’s not true, the platforms told Insider.

The chatter appears to stem from a TikTok video posted on Sunday by astrology influencer Cosmic Drugz, which has more than 450,000 followers on the platform. In the video, which had more than 86,000 views on Wednesday, the creator appeared to misinterpret a recent Facebook change to targeted ads.

Cosmic Drugz did not return Insider’s request for comment.

The change, which took effect Jan. 19 but would allow existing ad campaigns to run through March, disabled some options for how advertisers could target users, according to the Meta website. Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, said it removed options it considered “redundant”, “too granular”, or those that were otherwise related to sensitive topics like sexual orientation, religion and political causes.

In a previous announcement about the update, Meta said the change would prevent advertisers from targeting users using keywords such as “chemotherapy”, “same-sex marriage” and “Catholic Church”.

But in the TikTok video, the creator showed off the Facebook, Instagram and TikTok logos and said “these social media platforms are starting to take the necessary steps to ‘completely ban’ astrology and tarot content,” even though none of the platforms have made such an announcement.

A TikTok spokesperson confirmed to Insider that there is “no basis to these claims.” The “astrology” hashtag on the platform is booming, with more than 32 billion views, the TikTok spokesperson noted. The “#tarot” has 18 billion views.

A spokesperson for Meta also confirmed to Insider that it allows such content on Facebook and Instagram unless it otherwise violates the company’s Community Standards, adding that there are many ads targeting interests related to astrology.

The rumor spread again on Tuesday, when a Twitter user asked “why” these platforms are planning to ban astrology and tarot content. The tweet received more than 33,000 likes and nearly 5,000 retweets on Wednesday.

“Someone said they might do this too because of the scam in the spiritual community…I love readings and things like that but there’s scam in every community they want just silence the spiritualists,” the Twitter user wrote in a follow-up tweet. .

The rumor was first debunked on Twitter by journalist Chris Stokel-Walker.

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