Think publishes a series of documentaries on American politics

The first confirmed episodes are:

“Chain of favors”

During the early years, The Epoch Times was a small, low budget newspaper distributed free to the corners of New York Street, but in 2016 it made changes that turned it into one of the most influential digital media outlets in the country.

Mr. Zhang Tianling, one of The Epoch Times’ founding and growing officials, defended his ultra-conservative ideological tenets and defined The New York Times as a far left media.

“The hand that cradles the cradle. Steve bannon

Bannon is responsible for Mr. Trump’s most controversial policies and statements, far-right populism in European countries, fraudulent information, the illegal theft of personal data from millions of Facebook users, fraud in the obtaining funds for the construction of the border wall between United States and Mexico for which he is under investigation and is imprisoned.

“Innocence interrupted”

Dragon Springs, is the headquarters of the religious movement Falun Gong.

The polarization of residents of Deerpark is at an all time high due to reported irregularities for the location and safety of the Dragon Hills facility and authorized by local authorities. Media linked to the movement are becoming major players on the conservative side of US media, supporting that of Donald Trump his return to the American presidency and his return to “far-right populist” messages.

“# TempêteLeCapitole”

At January 6, one of the darkest episodes in the recent history of United States occurred. In the days leading up to the riots, federal agencies and Capitol Police did not issue any stern warnings that the rally could turn violent, despite countless social media posts and right-wing sites promising clashes. Benni Thompson called it “an attack on democracy and law enforcement.

Six and a half months after the riot, the assault on the United States. Congress once again caught the world’s attention.

This documentary will give you the opportunity to look at both sides of the story.

SOURCE Hello Think

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