There is no fourth federal stimulus check, but there could be state ones

It is now quite clear that, despite pressure from a number of progressive activists and Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill, a fourth nationwide stimulus check will not be sent. The Biden administration is trying to pass two infrastructure bills at the same time. One of these bills was negotiated with the approval of moderate Republicans; as the GOP has opposed the other, Senate Democrats try to get it through “reconciliation,” a procedural trick that keeps a bill from filibustering and allows them to pass it in Congress with the decisive vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

None of these bills contain language for a fourth stimulus check, and the problem is mostly dead in Washington. In addition, it is not clear whether a fourth check is really necessary. In the United States, the lockdowns have been lifted, businesses are operating again, and the conditions that required stimulus payments in the first place – namely a sharp decline in economic activity, prompting stimulus payments to keep traffic flowing. money – no longer apply.

Therefore, unless there is a huge change, the federal government is unlikely to send another stimulus check. This does not mean, however, that Americans will not receive cash payments. Since last July, American households with children have received $ 250 to $ 300 per month for each child in the family. The second installment is scheduled for Friday August 13; four more payments will run from September to December, and a family can claim additional funds from the Child Tax Credit when paying taxes in April 2022.

In addition, several states have instituted their own statewide stimulus programs. California piloted the largest stimulus program; Due to a massive budget surplus and a quirk in the state’s constitution, its rulers are forced to redistribute tens of billions of dollars to state residents. This led to the “Golden State Stimulus,” a payment of $ 600 for adults and $ 500 for children to all residents earning less than $ 75,000 per year.

Other states offer their own cash bonuses, many of which are tied to more specific circumstances. For example, Colorado sends an additional $ 375 to Coloradans who received at least one unemployment benefit from March to October 2020. Maryland makes a stimulus payment of $ 500 statewide, or $ 300 for those who received unemployment benefits. residents already eligible for the earned income tax credit.

A number of states, including Georgia, Michigan and Florida, sent “retention bonuses” to teachers who worked during the pandemic. Florida also provided the payments to rescuers and the police.

Finally, the New Mexico state government in Santa Fe allocated $ 5 million in payments to state residents who were not eligible for previous federal stimulus checks.

Trevor Filseth is a current affairs and foreign affairs writer for The national interest.

Image: Reuters.

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