The University Museum of the SIU will host several exhibitions this spring

Parting Shots – An exhibition of works by SIU Professor Emeritus Jerry Monteith of the School of Art and Design and Daniel Overturf of the School of Media Arts are among the University Museum’s many exhibitions planned for the Spring 2022 semester. (Photos by Russel Bailey)

January 12, 2022

The University Museum of the SIU will host several exhibitions this spring

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Illinois – The works of Jerry Monteith and Daniel Overturf, professors emeritus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, an overview of the area’s history and artifacts, and an exhibit on health and wellness in the Afro community -American are among the highlights of the University Museum this spring.

With the start of the spring semester on January 10, exhibitions are expected to begin this week.

“This semester, the University Museum will host a wide variety of exhibitions, featuring works by some 20 extremely talented regional artists as well as rarely seen works from the Museum’s collections,” said WM Weston Stoerger. , curator of exhibitions. “With everything on display, there will always be something new and exciting to come and see.”

The exhibits, with brief descriptions, are below. The full spring schedule will also be available on the museum’s Facebook page.

As with all exhibits, the artwork represents the viewpoint of its creators, not that of SIU. As a public university, SIU does not promote or oppose political candidates. SIU complies with the Illinois Government Ethics Act and the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act.


Mitchell Gallery

tee shots

January 11-May 7 — The works of Jerry Monteith and Daniel Overturf. Fascinating sculptures by Monteith, professor emeritus at the School of Art and Design, and four new collections of never-before-seen photographs by Overturf, who recently retired from film and photography at the College of Arts and Media.

Continuum Gallery

light the way

January 10 to April 2 — Historic Lighting Examples from around the world featuring historic and contemporary fixtures, from seal oil lamps to chandeliers designed from the museum’s various collections.

Atrium Gallery

Curator’s choice

January 11 to May 7 — Descend into these dark and mysterious passages with museum staff as they bring out rarely seen works from the museum’s fine art collections.

Forge, form, fabricate

April 10 to May 7 — A National Competitive Exhibition of Collegiate Goldsmiths. The works are selected by a panel of members and guest judges from the Southern Illinois Metalsmiths Society (SIMS) and coincide with the annual SIMS conference.


Southern Illinois Gallery

Our region

The non-rotating exhibit features historical, geological, and anthropological artifacts from across the region from collections at the museum and the SIU Center for Archaeological Investigations.

Gallery of lutes

European painting, sculpture and decorative arts

The exhibition highlights paintings, sculptures, tapestries and furniture from Renaissance Europe featured in the collection of Carl W. Lutes.

Saluki Gallery

Big Muddy Film Festival

February 1 to March 12 – A compilation of videos from previous Big Muddy Film Festival attendees sets the stage for the 2022 film festival and will culminate in a compilation of never-before-seen videos.

Mid-Century Modern

March 22-July 30 — A combined exhibition between the School of Art and Design and the University Museum will feature the School of Art and Design’s collection of Mid-Century Modern Design diagrams combined with the furniture collection of the museum of this period.

west gallery

Women’s voices 2: a collective

February 1 to May 7 — This annual mixed media exhibition will feature the works of 24 female artists from across the region chosen by guest curator Teresa Fix.

Arts Hall

Convalescent care

February 1-March 26 – The exhibit joins a campus-wide STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) initiative to address health and wellness in the African American community and feature medical and spiritual healing exhibits from the collection of the museum.

Study Gallery

It’s an honor

February 1 to May 7 — The museum will feature highlights of the gifts of Cho-Yee To, who received a doctorate in education from the SIU in 1967, who will receive an honorary doctorate in educational leadership from the university. To is a professor emeritus at the University of Michigan.

International Gallery

World menagerie

January 11 to May 7 — Selected from the museum’s international collections, the presentation will include exhibits from around the world featuring wildlife and animals.

The exhibitions are open to the public

Admission to the museum is free and open to the public. The museum, art galleries and two halls are open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Metered public parking is available in front of the student center and next to Woody Hall.

Each of the rooms in the museum has a maximum capacity of 25 people and face masks are mandatory at all times during the visit. Events at the University Museum will be consistent with the Illinois Restoration Plan. The university is committed to protecting the community, so visitors should follow current campus and state pandemic safety protocols and wear masks in shared indoor spaces.

For more information, contact Stoerger at [email protected] or visit

candle molds

Lighting the Way – Candle molds and a candle holder from the late 1800s are among the University Museum’s historic and contemporary fixtures on display this semester.

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