The judge who ordered the Gyanvapi video investigation receives a threatening letter

As political and community tensions mounted, Judge Ravi Kumar Diwakar, who ordered the video investigation of the Gyanvapi Mosque compound in Varanasi, told Uttar Pradesh authorities on Tuesday that he had received a threatening letter handwritten.

The court had previously ordered a videography and investigation of the religious place at the request of a group of women seeking permission for daily worship and the performance of rituals at Shringar Gauri, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman and Nandi located on the outer wall of the Gyanvapi Mosque.

In a letter to the Additional Chief Secretary (Interior), Director General of Police (DGP) and Varanasi Police Station, Diwakar said he received the letter, allegedly written by Kashif Ahmed Siddiqui on behalf of the Islamic Aagaz Movement. , by registered mail.

Varanasi Police Commissioner A. Satish Ganesh confirmed the judge’s receipt of the letter. Deputy Police Commissioner Varuna is investigating the matter, Ganesh said. A total of nine police officers were deployed for the safety of the judge, the officer said. An alleged copy of the letter has gone viral on social media.

According to the alleged letter to the judge, “You have declared that inspection of the Gyanvapi Masjid complex is a normal process. You are an idol worshiper, you will declare the mosque a temple. No Muslim can expect good decision of a Hindu judge ‘kafir, murtipujak’.”

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