The center is launching a grand scheme of Rs 312 cr

For the next Kumbh Mela scheduled for 2025 at Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh, the Union Ministry of Tourism in coordination with the state government has drawn up a grand plan of Rs 312 crore envisioning the development of the bridge of 100-year-old Corzon into a river museum, developing the Kumbh digital museum to showcase the state’s religious heritage.

Plans are also underway to recognize various important temples and religious places to beautify them. Giving details of various other plans to be undertaken by the Department of Tourism to beautify the city during a mega event, a senior official from the Union Ministry of Tourism said plans were underway to install gates. welcome for tourists to all entering the city.

“To attract domestic and international tourists, we are working to establish a temporary tent city with modern facilities, a temporary tent colony and build temporary themed gates at all entry points in the Triveni Sangam area. He said plans are also on the anvil to establish tourist walks in tourist places and launch attractive tourist packages from Prayag Raj (Ramayana trail and Sangam Darshan). The Union Ministry of Tourism through its PRASHAD and Swadesh Darshan Programs provides central financial assistance to State Governments/

Union Territory Administrations for the development of religious tourism/pilgrimage infrastructure in these pre-identified places based on requests/proposals received from the respective State Governments/Union Territory Administrations, has it -he adds.

On the state side, district officials are also considering redeveloping three Prayagraj temples ahead of the Kumbh Mela. These temples will recreate the ashram mentioned in Ram Charit Manas or other religious texts. The three temples in the city include the Nagvasuki Temple of Daraganj, the Takshak Tirth Temple of Dariyabad, and the Bharadwaj Ashram.

The authority of Prayagraj Mela has decided that an online reservation system will be developed so that pilgrims can make reservations for the puja and also hire boats to travel to Sangam, the confluence point of Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati, according to reports.

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