The Canadian Paralympic Committee supports the IPC’s decision to suspend the Russian and Belarusian Paralympic Committees

The Canadian Paralympic Committee has announced its support for the International Paralympic Committee’s decision to suspend all membership fees for the Russian and Belarusian Paralympic Committees until further notice.

“Due to the continuing war and atrocities in Ukraine, this is the next logical step to reaffirm our message that aggression and war are not acceptable,” the CCP said in a statement following the Wednesday’s decision.

The IPC may consider expulsion in accordance with the IPC Constitution if the situation worsens. The IPC General Assembly may also revoke any suspension imposed in accordance with the IPC Constitution if the grounds for which it was imposed no longer apply.

The IPC first banned teams from Russia and Belarus from competing in the Paralympic Games in Beijing last March after facing withdrawal threats and growing animosity in the Athletes’ Village.

“The CPC joins the global movement of NPCs and other sports organizations to continue to condemn the atrocities committed by Russia and Belarus in Ukraine,” CPC President Marc-Andre Fabien said.

The IPC’s decision to suspend the Russian and Belarusian Paralympic Committees stems from their failure to comply with membership obligations under the IPC constitution, including:

  • The obligation to respect, support and promote the purpose and objectives of the IPC, including the obligation to ensure that in parasport within the Paralympic Movement the spirit of fair play prevails, the safety and health of athletes are protected and ethical principles are respected
  • The obligation to manage its affairs independently and without inappropriate interference from bodies outside the Paralympic Movement, including ensuring that its operations are free from political, governmental or religious interference
  • The obligation not to do anything (by act or omission) which is contrary to the purpose or objectives of the IPC and/or which risks discrediting the IPC, the Paralympic Movement or Parasport
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