South African Chief Rabbi calls on Archbishop to condemn Hamas and Al-Shabaab

Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein of the Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Africa called on Anglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba of Cape Town to condemn Hamas and allied terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip, after speaking out publicly against Israel during the last 11 day escalation. During the Israel-Gaza conflict, Makgoba accused Israel of apartheid, dismissing the Jewish state as bad and unjust. “The archbishop’s support for the military dictatorship of Hamas has only perpetuated the suffering of the Palestinians,” Goldstein said in a statement. “”, “” Send military units to Mozambique, where Islamist terrorist groups are abducting children, raiding villages and displacing hundreds of thousands of people since 2017. “There is a religious war. led by a cohort of militant Islamist groups that pledge allegiance to ISIS and share the same violent ideology as Hamas, both of which are funded by Iran, “Goldstein said.” When you support Hamas, you endorse the ideology of Hamas. ‘Ansar al-Sunna, Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and ISIS, and you endanger the safety of Christians across Africa. ”Although the groups are not as established as Hamas as as a designated terrorist organization, the Archbishop did not outright condemn Islamist groups as terrorist organizations and instead described the conflict as “multifaceted. s ”with terrorist groups expressing“ real ”grievances. justification, ”the chief rabbi said.

“The crisis in Mozambique is a reflection of the larger war against Christians in Africa. Over 4,000 Christians were murdered in Africa last year, ”added the chief rabbi. “And these extremist Islamist groups that attack Christians in Africa share the same origins and the same violent philosophy as the groups that attack Jews in Israel. He went on to describe the difference between Israel and Islamist terrorist groups in Mozambique and the Gaza Strip, and how the Archbishop’s condemnation of comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa is unfounded and irresponsible. “Israel is a beacon of freedom for all religions – Christians, Muslims and Jews. In Israel, citizens, be they Jews, Christians or Muslims, enjoy complete equality, ”said the chief rabbi. “All citizens, regardless of religion, ethnicity or any other criteria, have the right to vote and to serve in government. It is absolutely absurd to call this apartheid. “” I call on the Archbishop to correct what he said and to clarify, for the good of all honest people of faith, that no grievance, however real, can ever justify the savagery of Al ansuur ”, writes the chief rabbi. “He must condemn it in simple terms, without warning. It is this kind of moral confusion that strengthens the hand of the same murderous ideology of Hamas, ISIS, Al-Shabaab and others that is sowing pain and destruction in our world.

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