Socio-economic, cultural and religious factors hinder girls’ education, according to CM


Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said socio-economic, cultural and religious factors hamper girls’ education and deny them opportunities to learn and become agents of change for our society.

“It is only through education that girls are nurtured and trained as responsible citizens, capable of playing a positive and creative role in social development,” he said at the launching ceremony of the event. ‘a “research study on the problems of girls’ education in Sindh”. ‘, conducted by the Sindh Education Foundation at the initiative of the provincial mediator, at CM House on Thursday.

Shah said he had made girls’ education a top priority and planned to allocate more resources for this purpose. “Obstacles to girls ‘education – traditional, administrative and financial – will be removed and an environment conducive to the promotion of girls’ education will be provided. “

“It is in our national interest that this important and sensitive issue be addressed urgently, with consistency and determination to bring together all the essential elements for the promotion of girls’ education,” he said.

The importance of girls’ education cannot be overstated, Shah said and added that in fact it was part of the vision of the late Benazir Bhutto who wanted the development of women on all fronts, including the education, employment and social upliftment. “Whether it was the first women’s bank, the first women’s police station, empowering women or educating girls, it was Shaheed Mohtarma’s vision to take this initiative.

The CM said that Benazir Bhutto had taken concrete steps to implement and realize the true potential of women and their positive and constructive role in nation building. “His vision was to invest in girls’ education as a springboard for women’s empowerment,” he said.

Shah said it was unfortunate that despite the government’s efforts, girls’ education was lagging behind. “The multiple causes of this situation were wisely highlighted in the study document,” he said, adding that girls should have the right to receive an education, as provided for in the constitution and laws; otherwise, we would remain trapped in ignorance and poverty.

The CM stated that it had considered the report and its recommendations. He advised the education department to make efforts to put the recommendations into action. He called on local governments at all levels – division, district, sub-division and Taluka – to devote time and attention to the proper functioning of girls’ schools in their areas.

He also asked the Chief Secretary to integrate the component of the proper functioning of girls’ schools in the performance evaluation of local agents. Supporting the idea that school management committees (CGS) should be led by mothers, the CM called on the education department to make the necessary changes to the rules to make it compulsory for girls’ schools. He said that the BISP (Benazir Income Support Program) had been one of the great achievements of the People’s Party government recognized by international agencies.

He added that in order to encourage girls ‘education, the conditional cash transfer system under BISP should be linked to girls’ enrollment in schools. “The education department should take the necessary steps in this regard,” he said and added that a similar system to reward top performing schools on a gender parity basis would be introduced to create an atmosphere of healthy competition.

Research report

To investigate issues relating to girls’ education, especially in Sindh, the provincial ombudsperson appointed the Sindh Education Foundation to conduct a research study on the subject.

The study is funded by the International Ombudsman Institute as part of a regional grant program. The main objectives of the study are to identify the dynamics of socio-cultural, economic, political, religious and supply-side factors hampering the educational gains of girls in Sindh.


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