Socialist Alternative and SGA protest against Texas abortion ban

Students marched across campus at Socialist Alliance protest on September 30, 2021 | Katrina Kuwaja / The Cougar

Two UH protests against Texas’ Senate Bill 8 happened on Thursday, advocating both against the abortion bill and for women’s reproductive rights in the state.

One took place around noon and was hosted by the Houston branch of the political organization, Socialist alternative. The other was greeted by the Student Government Association at the University at 4 p.m.

“This bill makes abortions functionally illegal and allows vigilantes to sue,” said Alex Spike, Social Alternative member and doctoral student in air pollution, at the previous protest. “Make anyone who receives, assists or even performs an abortion hesitates. “

Spike was joined by dozens of other like-minded UH students.

“We want to rebuild the kind of movement that won Roe against Wade in the first place,” Spike said. “A mass movement of women, a mass movement of workers, which has struck, marched and demonstrated for women’s rights. “

Protesters echoed his sentiments during the midday protest, chanting “our body, our choice” as they walked around the MD Anderson library in the rain.

“It is ridiculous that the state tells us, as women, what we are allowed and not allowed to do with our own bodies,” said junior Leilani Cantu, teacher and learner.

During the subsequent protest organized by the SGA, Director of External Affairs David Ngyuen said similar things about why their organization opposed the Republican heartbeat bill.

“We offer our support and solidarity to every woman in Texas,” Ngyuen said. “People are generally against the heartbeat for religious reasons, and the legislature is mostly made up of men, who don’t have pregnancies or abortions. What do they know?

Transgender students, like women and junior student Ray Mattes, were at the last protest since SGA advocated for all reproductive rights, regardless of sexuality.

“Often my trans siblings are forgotten when lawmakers write pregnancy or abortion laws,” they said. “Today I’m here for everyone who could get pregnant, not just those who SB 8 says can get pregnant.”

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