SDC confirms its support for the popular movement in As-Suwayda – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The Syrian Democratic Council issued a statement declaring its support for the popular protest movement in the Syrian governorate of As-Suwayda, stressing that “what is happening in As-Suwayda is a justified rejection movement whose slogan is ‘we want live with dignity”. , and if it is renewed, it is a response to the worsening of the catastrophic conditions that afflict the majority of Syrians.”

The text of the declaration stated:

“Recent events in As-Suwayda have proven that the truth of the rebellious people remains the purest and most capable of expression and change, and it is the only one that can survive in the name of truth and dignity despite policies of oppression and tyranny, and that the participation of spiritual leaders, national opposition elements and worthy men encourage the movement to continue, grow and provide insightful guidance until that it does not fall under the weight of elements whose aim is sabotage and therefore sabotage and waste of effort, and that the presence of leaders who face the rumors and policies of opponents of democratic change is a necessity absolute to ensure that the objective is not deflected.

What is happening in As-Suwayda is a movement of justified rejection whose slogan is “we want to live in dignity”. And if it is renewed, it is a response to the worsening of the catastrophic conditions which afflict the majority of Syrians, and not only economic and life demands are at the origin of the movement, because it is a decision to awareness of the role of Syrians authority in all the problems that arise, and this is the alternative to put an end to tyranny, establish a democratic system of government, a state of law and institutions, a state of citizenship . It is the awareness of the Syrian components of their state of real participation in governance and power instead of exclusion and marginalization, and instead of slogans based on the protection of minorities, minorities n do not need protection when citizenship is complete, and the role of the citizen is not based solely on their national or religious identity, but on the effectiveness of belonging and the value of participation and recognition of full rights constitutions of these components.

Any protest movement in the areas of power paves the way for the expansion of protest action in the various areas of its control, which contributes to changing policies and overthrowing the central policies of tyranny in all articulations of its system, and to stop without reaching the objective of the movement can upset the balance, it is therefore necessary to continue the popular movement as a necessity to take the next step which neutralizes the security services, and stops their ability to return to interfere in people’s lives and suppress them again. The way to succeed in the next stage is to organize the management of life and resources, and to confirm the unity of the people and their rallying behind the local representatives represented by the revolutionaries who have proven to date that they are the zeal of their people, and that they are courageous men who stand up to every challenge to defend their people and their country.

We in the Syrian Democratic Council announce our full support for our people of As-Suwayda and their just demands which preserve the unity of the country and protect the sovereignty of its components and the legitimate right of all Syrian components to manage themselves by their own will which realizes Syrian affiliation and realizes an overall national identity towards a democratic decentralized Syria. “



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