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After five years as captains of the Salvation Army Kroc Center in Suisun City, Majors Randy and Tracie Hartt will be stepping down for new positions in Sonoma County.

The Hartts will be transferred to the Salvation Army’s Santa Rosa Corps and their last day at the Kroc Center will be Sunday, where they will lead Kroc worship one last time.

In Santa Rosa, Tracie will take on an administrative role and Randy will be part of the Disaster Emergency Services team.

“I’m an emergency services specialist for the Salvation Army over there,” Randy said.

Randy served as a medic in San Jose in the 1980s and went to work at a Salvation Army camp in the summer of 1989 “to take a break from 911 calls.” It was here that Randy met Tracie, and he continued to be involved in The Salvation Army.

“(I) felt a real call to serve the Lord through the Salvation Army, and I love the way the Army helps people and the way they roll up their sleeves and try to find all kinds of creative ways to help people get by. feet again and help the working poor, ”he said.

The Hartts attended Salvation Army Seminar and were appointed and ordained lieutenants in 1992. They began as Salvation Army commanders in Flagstaff, Ariz., And served nine and a half years. After that, they transferred to Yuma to lead the local chapter of the Boys & Girls Club. In 2016, they transferred to the Kroc Center, taking the reins from Jonathan and Vickie Harvey, who transferred to Seattle.

The Kroc Center, named after McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc and his wife Joan Kroc who donated $ 1.5 billion to The Salvation Army to fund centers across America, has opened in 2012 and offers everything from summer camps and various classes to various leisure facilities.

He also offers a worship program, which Randy says is one of his favorite aspects.

Kroc Center deputy corps officer Lt. Ashley Cunningham is transferred to the Salvation Army in Spokane, Washington. (Joel Rosenbaum – The Reporter)

“We love all the ministry that we are able to do,” he said, “how we can help people rehabilitate physically, as well as if people want to participate in the Christian spiritual programs that we have, they are more than welcome to jump there too. We just love how we’ve been able to transform all of life. It was a really holistic thing.

Randy is also proud to open an emergency daycare at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has served the children of first responders and essential workers. The program even received financial support from Assembly member Jim Frazier, D-Solano.

“We’ve had a lot of kids in our center, and we’ve literally had zero cases,” Randy said. “It was really good.”

Randy said he would miss the staff at the Kroc Center, the collaborative environment of the Kroc Worship program, and the partnerships formed with several different agencies.

“They are great, professional people who love to help others,” he said. “This is really the point of what we do. “

The Hartts will leave on Sunday. Deputy Corps Officer Lt. Ashley Cunningham will also be transferred to the Salvation Army in Spokane, Washington.

Randy reiterated his appreciation for the Kroc Center community.

“My wife and I are extremely grateful to all of our community partners, especially our staff, as they are the most hard-working people we have had the privilege of serving,” he said.

The Hartts’ successors will be Majors Bob and Joanne Louangamath, who will be welcomed to worship on Sunday, July 4 and move into the office on July 6.


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