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Cornel West is an author, historian and professor at Union Theological Seminary in New York.

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Journal of Richard Groves Winston-Salem

Bruce, a friend of mine in Texas a long time ago, said that he and his mother – a die-hard fundamentalist – couldn’t have a civil conversation about religion. According to Bruce, his mother believed passionately in two things: first, the King James version of the Bible was perfect as Jesus wrote it; two, all Catholics were going

Bruce couldn’t get his mother to move an inch on any of her core beliefs.

One day, when they were arguing again about religion, he had an idea. “Mom,” he said, “how about if I told you that a first impression of the King James Bible omitted the word“ not ”in the seventh commandment (that’s right, by the way. !)? And what if I told you that one of the Catholics you are so willing to condemn to eternal damnation is Mother Teresa, who has spent her whole life serving the poorest of the poor? How about you, mom? “

Without missing a beat, his mother replied, “I would say, first of all, who made you so smart? And second, shut up.

There have been a lot of such arguments in recent years. And there will likely be more when families get together for Thanksgiving, unless someone in authority says, “There won’t be any talk of religion or politics at this table.”

The list of banned topics could be significantly expanded to include masks, vaccinations, critical race theory, climate change, immigration, abortion, toilets for transgender people, gun control, January 6, the last presidential election, the next presidential election, the integrity of the elections against the suppression of voters, whether the Confederate flag should be flown on public property and whether public buildings should be named after former slave owners. Am I missing something?


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