Restoring the rights of our Wabanaki neighbors

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Cobscook Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is united in our support for the adoption of DL 1626, “An Act to implement the recommendations of the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act Amendments Task Force”. The injustices that have been perpetrated against the Wabanaki peoples of Maine for hundreds of years cannot be undone, but ensuring the tribes have the ability to determine the future of their communities is a crucial step towards establishing good relations with our Wabanaki neighbours.

Passing LD 1626 will provide Wabanaki Tribes with rights to certain benefits, services, and protections established under federal law. There are more than 570 federally recognized tribes in this country who currently accede to the 150 federal laws that have been passed since 1980. In Maine, however, the Wabanaki tribes are, as explained by the Wabanaki Alliance, “lacking opportunities for economic development, to increase access to health care, respond to natural disasters and extend environmental protection”. LD 1626 will finally address this long standing inequity.

Cobscook Friends Meeting House sits on the coastal waters of eastern Maine and sits on land that was once the tribal territory of the Passamaquoddy Indians. We recognize that Western Europeans, including the early Quakers, perpetrated grave injustices against Indigenous peoples. LD 1626 provides the State of Maine with a rare and long overdue opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to restoring the sovereign rights of the Wabanaki tribes.

Janet Weston

Beth Clifford


Friends of Cobscook Monthly Meeting (Quaker)


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