Religion is no obstacle


What you need to be aware of here is “what does the good world actually explain to an individual?”

And among them the one who says:

“Our Lord! Bring us kindness in this world and kindness in the hereafter, and save us from the punishment of fire” (Al-Quran 2/201)
The beautiful verse above is the best answer to all the arguments of different people who see religion as an obstacle on their way to achieving great fortune in this very world. In this supplication, the very first thing a supplicant asks for is the good and beautiful world. The thing to be aware of here is “what does the good world actually say to an individual?” And what imprint of the world in the eyes of religion is admissible? ‘.
Basically the good world acceptable to religion is one that is done correctly by an individual so that the treasure made here is beneficial to the hereafter. Because life itself never ends, only its earthly phase and that is why our worthy religion always thinks of the goodness and dignity of humanity. Another thing that almost all religions want from an individual is not to become a slave to this world. Religion commands that, by all means, you free yourself from material pangs so that the river of God’s treasure flows at your doorstep.
One of the most valued and important things that a religion offers to an individual is the power of faith and belief. Faith, if properly recognized and properly employed, becomes a powerful element in overcoming the obstacles and hindrances that block the path you are following. This too then happens unpredictably when an invisible hand assists and leaves someone in a state of astonishment. Faith is actually the name of the relationship between an individual and the Supreme Lord. When this connection is strongly cultivated and effort (supported by belief) and faith are combined, then divine power fixes every work of its devotee with its own hands. It cannot be supposed to the extent that faith alone can reach diseases of the heart, body and soul to rectify them. Obviously Not at all, but faith combined with effort does it. The union of the duo (faith backed up by belief and effort) is of the utmost importance in all aspects if separation occurs between the two, then there is obviously more chance that the results will not flow.
Unfortunately, most men overlook this combination. In the majority of cases, one of the members of the duo, be it faith or effort, is abandoned, which will certainly not produce satisfactory results. One gives one hundred percent effort but the faith is given up and the other has a strong belief in the faith but gives up the effort, in both cases the pleasure of satisfaction and gratification will be a missing unit. Balance and stability in all directions are therefore essential.
The actions or deeds you perform here must be balanced, supportive and rewarding both in this world and in the hereafter, which is ultimate success and is what a religion desires for an individual, as mentioned in the Holy Quran:
“Nothing is the life of this world but play and fun. But the best is the house in the hereafter for those who are righteous” (6/32)
In the context of this beautiful verse, the main and ultimate goal of an individual should be the goodness and success of the Hereafter, which is Eternal. To achieve this ultimate goodness, religious practice or what we call worship is mandatory. He balances his life and plays a role of ladder for an individual to achieve destiny. The practice of religion further pours the power of faith and belief into an individual’s heart and the supreme power envelops it in its own protective blanket. When supreme power becomes yours, then what else will you need to achieve good in this world and beyond?
Absolutely nothing!! Because it is more than enough.
Religious practices are designed to help people attain the great power of faith (supported by belief) and to render more service magnificently in their worthy fields of endeavor. It also gives a great help in reaching the diseases of a society and curing them perfectly.
Sad to say that in the modern age most people are far from religious practices, most people with their fallacious assumption find it irrational to harmonize the teachings of modern science with the sacred religious book of the Quran . With narrow-mindedness, they separate religion and religious practices from the image of science, which is really so unhealthy. There is no doubt that the Holy Quran is a guidance book, not a science manual, but the enormous amount of basic scientific information it presents opened the door to new scientific inventions and discoveries when its disciples scrutinized and applied his scientific principles to everyday life. Religious practices show us not only what evil we have, but also how to remedy it.
In summary, the faith and belief that religious practices provide to an individual is a recovering power from God and when these religious practices or we can say that meditation is only for the Supreme Lord, then his true promises act as medicine. for our body and soul and this very world rests in our hand and the world of the hereafter in the other.

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