Religion cannot be the basis of land law, says Amit Shah on Uniform Civil Code

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said the Uniform Civil Code has always been on the agenda of the Bharatiya Janata Party since its inception.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah speaking at the Panchayat AajTak. (Photo: India Today)

By India Today Web Desk: Union Home Minister Amit Shah says Uniform Civil Code (UCC) has always been on the agenda of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) since its inception and it does not there’s not a single election manifesto where they haven’t mentioned the UCC.

Amit Shah, who was speaking at the Panchayat AajTak on Tuesday, was asked why the BJP government is not announcing the UCC for the whole country and if they are waiting for the Lok Sabha 2024 to make such a big announcement.

“The Uniform Civil Code has been on our party’s agenda since its inception in 1950. It was on this issue that our founder Syama Prasad Mookerjee resigned as Minister of Trade and Industry and laid the cornerstone of the Bhartiya Jan Sangh,” says Amit Shah.

Stating that the UCC is a key issue that the BJP has been raising for a long time, Shah said, “There is not a single election manifesto where we haven’t talked about the UCC.”

“Religion cannot be the basis of the law of the land. Our Constitution officials have said that if necessary the State Assemblies and Parliament can bring in the UCC and that is exactly what we are doing,” said the Union Home Secretary.

“State governments who want to introduce UCC, there automatically, this will come into effect as the issue is under the concurrent list. Uttarakhand has announced that a committee is being formed for the implementation of UCC, Himachal Pradesh has kept it in its program and Gujarat has already formed a panel for the same. We will see for other states or we will think about a solution in the future,” Shah said.

The Uniform Civil Code, which falls under Article 44 of the Constitution of India, proposes to introduce personal laws which would apply to all citizens equally, irrespective of their religion, gender, caste, etc

The Uniform Civil Code basically refers to a common set of laws governing personal matters such as marriage, divorce, adoption, inheritance and succession.

Article 44 states: “The State shall endeavor to provide the citizens with a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”. However, since the article falls under the guiding principles of state policy, they are considered only as guidelines and it is not mandatory to use them.

At present, the personal laws of the various communities are largely governed by their religion.

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Asked why the BJP kept changing its main ministerial candidates in the middle of their term and not selecting someone to lead the government for five consecutive years, Shah said: “As long as Narendra Modi was in Gujarat , the party chose to have him as Chief Minister until such time as he did not become Prime Minister. We have a rule in our party that after a person reaches 75 he/ she is given “other party roles and responsibilities. When Anadiben Patel came, she left the post of CM after she was over 74…”


“Then came Vijay Rupani who served the full term of five years. Now Bhupinder Patel came and it is solely on his merit that we are fighting the elections in Gujarat. It was unanimously decided by the party that Bhupinder Patil will continue being the CM candidate, therefore there is no question of half term or full term,” Shah said.

When asked if the government of Gandhinagar is controlled by the central government of Delhi, Shah said that there is no question of leading the government of Gujarat as the Constitution does not allow it and no party functionary wishes. “Bhupinder Patil has carried forward the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his hard work and dedication…be it law and order or infrastructure of Gujarat, Bhupinder Patil has done his best in all areas “Under his leadership, the BJP will break all previous election records and once again form the government of Gujarat.”

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