Raelyn DeWitt named Miss Exeter 2022

The coronation ceremony took place on October 8 in Exeter city center during the annual Autumn Festival. This is a change from the tradition of previous years, where the ceremony took place during an exclusive dinner. This year the coronation was made public and allowed residents to witness the coronation of Exeter-raised Raelyn DeWitt as Miss Exeter by her predecessor Natalia Genetti. Nadia Majia was also a finalist.

Raelyn DeWitt was crowned Miss Exeter at this year’s Autumn Festival.
Photo by Dina Clark

DeWitt grew up on the outskirts of Exeter, where she said she didn’t attend many community events or even know the city very well. She said she rodeoed a lot as a child and because of that her family was away from home and on the road quite often. Now that she is Miss Exeter, she is looking forward to getting to know the community.

“I’m really excited to take the opportunity to attend more community events and get more involved,” DeWitt said.

After graduating from Exeter Union High School, DeWitt hopes to attend Northern Arizona University or Boise State University to earn a Bachelor of Science degree. With this degree, she plans to pursue her dream of entering the medical field. Although she still doesn’t know what potential career in the field she could pursue, she said she has a particular interest in a career as a paramedic or, more favorably, a pediatrician. As a lover of children, DeWitt said it was one of the reasons she enjoyed her role in the Miss Exeter sponsorship scheme.

“You meet a lot of kids in the community and you see their little smiling faces,” DeWitt said. “They’re always turned on by a girl with a tiara, they don’t care who you are. As long as you look like a princess, they’re excited.

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