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The two genders: men and “earth vessels”

Forget everything you thought you knew about pregnancy: a 26-year-old congressman, who will never be pregnant himself, stepped in to explain the process to everyone. A fetus is like a photograph, according to Madison Cawthorn, a right-wing congressman from North Carolina. During a anti-abortion speech on the house floor last week, Cawthorn proclaimed that having an abortion is like snatching a half-developed photograph of a sunset from someone’s hand and tearing it to shreds. (You could almost see his brain working as he spoke: a photo is developing… an embryo is developing… wow, I’m very smart!)

I’m afraid it will get worse. After delivering this tortuous analogy, Cawthorn (who has been accused of sexual harassment classmates and once advised the mothers, “If you raise a young man, please raise him to be a monster”), then moved on to religious rhetoric. “Eternal souls woven into earthen vessels sanctified by Almighty God and endowed with the miracle of life are denied birth,” Cawthorn said forcefully. Oddly, many women weren’t too keen on being described as “earth vessels,” and Cawthorn’s remarks quickly caused outrage online.

Whenever women are unhappy with the taking of their rights by misogynist extremists, you can always count on a reasonable man to step in and explain how everyone is overreacting. This incident was no exception: Grayson Quay argued in The Week that women getting angry on the internet misunderstood the Bible passages Cawthorn was referring to. “[I]It seems that Cawthorn, a vocal evangelical Christian, used “earthen vessels” to refer not to the mother’s body, but to the body of the unborn baby “, Quay wrote. Even though that’s what Cawthorn was referring to, it’s not much better, is it? The separation of church and state is meant to be a pillar of American democracy: we should all be alarmed by politicians who seem to think they are actually preachers.

Cawthorn, after all, isn’t the only prominent figure who seems to be trying to push forward a Christian nationalist agenda. Josh Hawley, a pro-Trump senator from Missouri, has speak on the need to “bring the Lordship of Christ, this message, into the public domain and to seek the obedience of the nations – of our nation … to influence our society, and even more than that, to transforming our society to reflect the truth of the gospel and the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

And then, of course, there’s Michael Flynn, who was Donald Trump’s first national security adviser in 2017. Flynn grabbed the headlines last month calling for the establishment of a “religion. unique ”in the United States. “If we are to have a nation under God, what we need to do is have one religion,” Flynn told a crowd in San Antonio. “A nation under God and a religion under God. “

I could go on and on: there is unending examples of influential leaders in the United States calling for the creation of a “Republic centered on Christ” and for the Bible to influence politics. But while this rhetoric is alarming, it is not as alarming as what is happening behind the scenes. In 2018, the researcher Frédéric Clarkson revealed the existence of a Christian supremacist initiative called Project Blitz, which sought to inundate state legislatures with bills undermining the separation of church and state. A 116-page strategy manual laid out the plan. 1) They would bring Christianity into politics with secret strategies that gave the impression that they respected religious pluralism. “The textbooks advise lawmakers to mask their religious mission under the guise of more secular intentions and they have renamed several bills to make them more attractive,” Clarkson reported. 2) They would overwhelm state legislatures with so many bills that trying to fight them would be like a “whack-a-mole” game. 3) They would start with less controversial bills, such as those requiring or allowing the display of “In God We Trust” in public schools, and establish small wins first. Then they would climb.

Clarkson’s reporting on Project Blitz and the various presentations that followed forced the project’s organizers in stealth mode, but they have not disappeared. Far from it: Radicalized Christian nationalism is a growing threat to American democracy, as a relatively small but incredibly organized faction that works to transform the country into something that resembles a theocracy. Indeed, if the insurrection of January 6 had gone very slightly differently, people like Flynn could turn their dreams of “a nation under God” into reality right now.

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