Preview of books on religion and spirituality: January 2022


The new year begins with new titles from bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst I start again on Monday, Joyce Meyer The power to thank you, the memoir of ice hockey star and Olympic gold medalist Kendall Coyne, and many more.

non-fictional works

January 3

God, grades and diploma: the surprising impact of religion on academic success by Ilana Horwitz (Oxford Univ., $ 29.95, ISBN 978-0-19-753414-4). Drawing on 10 years of survey data from over 3,000 adolescents and over 200 interviews, Horwitz, an education researcher at Stanford University, discusses how the religious education of adolescents can influence their school career from high school to college.

January 4th

Inauguration: Charting our future in a year of pandemic by Mark Noll, NT Wright, Gracy Olmstead, Jennifer Frey, Michael Wear, Danté Stewart, Marilynne Robinson, Christine Emba, Tara Isabella Burton and 43 others (Plow, $ 35, 978-1-6360-8042-0) offers a range lenses of faith on how best to serve society at large after the pandemic, political polarization and a racial calculation within society, according to the publisher.

The Druid’s Path: A Modern Tradition of Nature’s Spirituality by John Michael Greer (Sterling Ethos, $ 16.95, ISBN 978-1-4549-4356-3). Druid Greer’s Practice explores the history and basics of Druidic, including how to perform Druidic rituals, meditation, and divination.

The Many Children of Father Abraham: The Bible in a World of Religious Differences by Tyler Mayfield (Eerdmans, $ 17.99, 978-0-8028-7945-5) examines the biblical stories of Cain, Ishmael, and Esau to demonstrate how God protects and provides for marginalized people and better equip Christians to authentically love them others from all origins of the faith.

Food triggers by Amber Lia (Bethany, $ 16.99, 978-0-7642-3888-8) Lia, a health coach, presents 31 common diet struggles and strategies to overcome them, including replacing known triggers with habits of honor to God, according to the editor.

I’ll Do It Again Monday: Breaking The Cycle Of Unhealthy Eating Habits With Lasting Spiritual Satisfaction by Lysa TerKeurst. (Thomas Nelson, $ 14.99, ISBN 978-0-7852-3248-3). Best-selling book TerKeurst aims to help readers equate their desire for good health with the spiritual empowerment needed to achieve it, arguing that food fixings are misplaced cravings for God’s love.

January 11

Red lip theology by Candice Marie Benbow (Converging Books, $ 26.00; ISBN 978-0-5932-3846-2) brings together essays on the intersection of faith, feminism and pop culture, addressing issues related to freedom self-love and wholeness for black women, according to the editor.

Your Good Body: Embracing a Positive Mindset in a World of Perfection by Jennifer Wagner Taylor (Tyndale Refresh, $ 16.99, 978-1-4964-5417-1) draws on personal stories about the pursuit of wellness and the struggle against expectations of perfection.

Thank you. I am sorry. Tell me more: How to change the world with 3 sacred sayings by Rod Wilson (NavPress, $ 12.99, 978-1-6415-8447-0). Wilson, a clinical psychologist, aims to heal relationships and offer kindness through talking.

The Kural by Thomas Pruiksma (Beacon, $ 25.95, 978-0-8070-0361-9) presents a new translation of Tirukkural’s poetry and philosophy from Tiruvalluvar Tamil, with themes such as friendship, hospitality and nature which are organized into sections covering three of the four goals prescribed by the Hindu tradition: virtue, wealth and love.

Speak with the Spirit by Agapi Stassinopoulos (Harmony, $ 18, 978-0-5932-3284-2) from motivational speaker and author of The Meditation Book Wake up with the joy of you comes a collection of 52 non-denominational prayers for connection, peace and gratitude, according to the publisher.

January 18

As fast as she: dream big, break down barriers, succeed by Kendall Coyne (Zondervan, $ 24.99, 978-0-3107-7113-5). Hockey gold medalist Coyne shares her story of overcoming insecurities and naysayers in pursuit of her dreams, while encouraging young people to follow their passions and never give up, according to the publisher. (For children 13 and over.)

A complicated choice: making room for grief and healing in the pro-choice movement by Katey Zeh (wide sheet, $ 26.99, ISBN 978-1-5064-7349-9). Focusing on the experiences of those who have aborted, Reverend Zeh calls on readers to turn away from the deadlock of the anti-abortion vs. pro-choice debate and embrace a spiritual response rooted in compassion for those who end. to a pregnancy.

Demystify decision making by Aimee Joseph (Crossway, $ 14.99 print, 978-1-4335-7541-9) examines how readers can make everyday decisions that honor God.

God and race by John Siebeling and Wayne Francis (HarperOne, $ 26.99; ISBN 978-0-0630-8722-4). Two pastors, one white and one black, shape conversations about race, unity and mutual respect.

Letters to the Sons of the Society by Shaka Senghor (Convergent, $ 27.00; ISBN 978-0-5932-3801-1) features thoughts on masculinity, love, sanity, and success by Senghor, author of Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death, and Redemption in an American Prison.

The Struggle to Stay: Why Evangelical Single Women Leave the Church by Katie Gaddini (Columbia Univ., $ 35, ISBN 978-0-231-19674-1). Gaddini, senior lecturer in sociology at University College London, grapples with the complexities of female obedience and resistance within a patriarchal religion in the context of the #MeToo movement, exploring how women choose to leave or stay in environments that constrain them.

You are just human by Kelly Kapic (Brazos, $ 24.99, 978-1-5874-3510-2). Kapic, who teaches theological studies at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Ga., Advocates seeing our human limitations as a gift rather than a deficiency or a sin.

25 january

Atheism to the test by Mark Lanier (IVP, $ 18, 978-1-5140-0226-1). Lanier, a litigator, challenges disbelief by examining the justifications, logic and consistency that surround him.

A time to cry, and a time to dance by Jennifer Ohman-Rodriguez (Chalice, $ 19.99, 978-0-8272-3730-8) chronicles the sudden death of trauma therapist Tony Rodriguez from his widow’s perspective, including his struggle with grief and her determination to find the cure.

The Daily Check-In: A Sixty-Day Journey To Find Your Strength, Faith, and Integrity by Michelle Williams (Thomas Nelson, $ 19.99, ISBN 978-1-4002-2339-8). Singer and actor Williams seeks to help readers deal with overwhelming emotions and offers strategies for creating more personal freedom through this 60-Day Guided Journaling Plan.

Chicken soup for the soul: believe in the angels by Amy Newmark (Chicken Soup for the Soul, $ 14.95 print; ISBN 9781611590869) focuses on the personal stories of a diverse group of writers involving gatekeepers and guides.

The Church Revitalization Checklist by Sam Rainer (Tyndale, $ 16.99 paper, 978-1496454409) Rainer, president of Church Answers, an online community for church leaders, provides a step-by-step guide for pastors looking to improve and improve develop their churches.

The power to thank you by Joyce Meyer (FaithWords, $ 19.99, 978-1-5460-1612-0). Bible teacher and best-selling author Meyer advocates “a lifestyle of thanksgiving.”

I’ll be there (but I’ll be wearing sweatpants): finding real, unfiltered friendships in this crazy, chaotic world by Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston (Thomas Nelson, $ 16.99 paper, 978-1-4002-2675-7) discusses the challenges of maintaining friendships and the value of “genuine fellowship,” according to publisher .

Seeing with the Eye of Dhamma by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, Dhammavidu Bhikkhu (translator), Santikaro Upasaka (translator) (Shambhala, $ 19.95, 978-1-6118-0766-0) compiles the teachings of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, an influential 20th century Thai Buddhist, on the Dhamma, the body of Buddhist teachings.

Living underwater by Kevin Adams (Eerdmans. $ 19.99, 978-0-8028-7963-9), pastor and church planter, explores the Christian tradition of baptism – what it means and how it can shape identity, according to the editor.

When angels fight: my story of escaping sex trafficking and leading a revolt against the darkness by Leslie King (Kregel, $ 17.99, 978-0-8254-4689-4) describes the darkness and despair King encountered during the milking, how she was able to break free, and a call for Christians to make a difference in their communities.


January 1st

High voltage heartbreak by Anna Schmidt (Barbour, $ 12.99, 978-1-6360-9137-2). Mystery writer Chloe Whitfield delves into her own family’s secret history while working on a new novel and begins to uncover clues to her grandmother’s career in the circus.

January 4th

The girl who could breathe underwater by Erin Bartels (Revell, $ 16.99 print, ISBN 978-0-8007-3837-2). An anonymous letter from a disappointed reader sends a novelist back to the lake where she spent her childhood summers in order to prove that what she wrote turned out as she remembered it.

Sunrise by Susan May Warren (Revell, $ 16.99 print, ISBN 978-0-8007-3982-9). After Rescue Paratrooper Dodge Kingston returns to Alaska, he rekindles his relationship with Echo. But when Echo disappears, Dodge must use all of his skills to reach him.

The Inn at Harts Haven by Patricia Davids (HQN, $ 15.99, 978-1-3354-5343-3) follows pregnant and desperate Victoria Worthington as she tries to overcome her past by remaking her identity in an Amish community.


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