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TB Cunha Rd, neighborhood to be renovated, pedestrian paths
India time | 8 hours ago | 04-10-2022 | 02:40
India time
8 hours ago | 04-10-2022 | 02:40

Panaji: The narrow streets and alleys of Panaji at TB Cunha Riviera Road, the central part of Cafe Bhonsle Square and TB Cunha Road (Main) are going to be beautified in three phases over the next 12 months. The space will be designed in such a way that in the future it can be developed for pedestrianization by the Panaji City Corporation (CCP). “We are trying to make Panaji tourist-friendly and more convenient for residents by giving it a touch of the old colonial regime with wide avenues, seats, tree-lined plazas and roads,” the CCP commissioner said. , Agnelo Fernandes. France where people walk around and sit on wrought iron furniture,” he said. The whole project is Rs 3.7 crore for the three phases. execution, vehicles will not be allowed to park in the area.”The entire project will take approximately 12 months to complete, in phases,” said Deputy Director, Civil, Smart City, Silvano Sequeira. Another project under Smart City, IPSCDL will occupy eight kilometers of city roads.”It is under the Universal Walkways Project so that the appearance of a heritage city is maintained,” said Deputy Director, Engineering, Smart City, Samiuddin Shaikh, should be encouraged, however, CCP must ensure that people’s businesses are not inconvenienced during the process,” said Rohidas Dessai, founding owner of the Ritz Classic restaurant.

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