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Engage in formal practice with your sangha! The three pillars of spiritual growth are study, reflection, and meditation. Opportunities to meditate abound, but the support we give and receive when we come together as a community offers invaluable and limitless multipliers to our practice of meditation.

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To develop a calm, stable and happy mind?
Need help maintaining your meditation practice?
For a spiritual home and community?
To find out what the teachings of Buddhism consist of?

The Santa Barbara Bodhi Path Buddhist Center offers a high quality educational program in the practice and philosophy of Buddhist meditation. The Center was founded in 1997 under the leadership of Shamar Rinpoche. Since then, hundreds of students have come to learn and practice in a modern, non-sectarian environment focused on authentic Buddhist teachings taught and practiced by authentic teachers. We are a diverse community of practitioners encompassing all ages and all levels of practice. Dawa Tarchin Phillipsis, the resident teacher, and we regularly welcome visiting instructors.

The Santa Barbara Bodhi Path Buddhist Center offers…

  • Weekly Dharma Teachings
  • Weekly meditation session led by sangha members
  • Frequent courses “Introduction to meditation”
  • Weekend workshops on topics such as advanced practice, overcoming adversity, working with emotions, compassion and loving-kindness, and Buddhist philosophy
  • 5-Day Biennial Residential Retreats
  • Opportunities for Taking Refuge, Bodhisattva, and Household Vows

Come join us. Everyone is welcome.

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