Om Prakash Rajbhar says BJP ‘wears religious glasses ahead of polls’

As the war of words between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress over the Karnataka hijab line continues to escalate, Samajwadi party ally Om Prakash Rajbhar has now turned his attention to the question, pointing his gun at the ruling BJP and launched several allegations against the party. Accusing the BJP of playing politics ahead of the elections, SBSP leader Om Prakash Rajbhar claimed that the party was all about hate and religion and with the same intention it had now reached Karnataka.

Talk to Republic Television, Party leader Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj (SBSP) and Samajwadi party ally, OP Rajbhar lashed out at the BJP and said, “The party has always done politics before elections. They did the same earlier in JNU and now they have reached Karnataka to incite the hijab controversy. They wear religious glasses in the run-up to the elections and create controversy.”

Further alleging that the BJP sparked a controversy in the Delhi elections, Rajbhar said that the Constitution does not contain any section indicating that he is propagating hate, however, the BJP Bar will only talk about hate and religion, at least. instead of talking about education, employment, caste registration, and other issues. “Each country allows each religion to have the right to practice its rituals, so why has it become controversial now before the elections and not before,” he asked.

BJP-Congress plays ‘blame game’ over Karnataka hijab controversy

The BJP and Congress have been at loggerheads over the Karnataka hijab line, attacking and blaming each other over the issue and blaming each other. While Congress continues to accuse the BJP of inciting students on religious issues, the ruling party has also alleged the role of Congress behind it.

Taking the matter to Twitter, BJP Karnataka in a tweet attacked Congress saying it was behind the birth of the hijab line and further targeted senior lawyer Devdutt Kamath who represented the petitioners before the High Court of Karnataka. He said that the representative of the Congress legal cell is arguing in favor of hijab in the High Court, which shows that the party is working to break up society.

Notably, the BJP’s IT department in charge, Amit Malviya, also took to Twitter and claimed that young girls are urged to choose hijab over education.

Meanwhile, reacting to all the allegations, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also stepped forward and asserted that a woman has the right to wear whatever she wants because that right is guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.

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