Minister of Youth and Family – Episcopal Information Service

Summary of position

The Minister of Youth and Families will provide Christian education programs for young people and their families as part of a holistic approach to lifelong learning, in collaboration with staff and parishioners. Through ongoing community and training programs including, but not limited to: Sunday training groups, weekly college and high school youth group, confirmation, seasonal / special events, pilgrimage and mission trips and new initiatives.

Essential tasks / responsibilities

  • Design, implement and evaluate programs including Sunday activities, seasonal programs / events, pilgrimages and mission trips, communicate with Sunday school families and the community at large.
  • Develop and implement a training program for volunteers, to include young people, in the hope of equipping young people and parishioners to carry out the ministry of formation of the faith.
  • Supervise teachers, leaders and special event volunteers in various roles. May include supervision of an intern.
  • Work collaboratively with congregational staff and leaders to achieve inclusion in training programs for all ages.
  • Oversee the religious and spiritual formation of young people (evaluate programs, offer regular training to teachers, offer parish workshops).
  • Leverage the latest and greatest resources for youth, teachers, and leaders for their continued development.
  • Serve as a member of committees and other appropriate internal collaborations as a youth advocate, and ensure that youth are represented in parish leadership.
  • Recruit / call parishioners willing and able to serve in the field of youth ministry; provide training and feedback.
  • Oversee the program budget in coordination with the program director.
  • Establish partnerships and collegial relationships, where appropriate, with the Diocese of Texas, the Austin Convocation, the National Church and the Anglican Communion to develop educational programs for youth and their families that meet the needs of the extended community of the Good Shepherd.

Special job requirements

  • Be present on Sunday mornings, weekday programming hours and seasonal event times
  • May include pilgrimage and mission trips.
  • Implement the EYC (youth group) for middle and high school by offering weekly meetings and special activities.
  • Coordination of the Journey to Adulthood program on three levels: Rite 13, J2A and YAC.

Skills and knowledge required:

  • Dynamic and creative. Ease of generating, sharing and executing creative ideas to meet the changing needs of this growing population.
  • Enthusiasm and talent for working collaboratively with lay leaders and other members of the formation team. This would involve the Director of Programs, the Minister of Children and Families as well as the Good Shepherd program team.
  • Episcopalian committed with a strong personal faith as well as a sensitivity and an openness to guide young people and families on the path of faith.
  • Proven leadership skills in providing Christ-centered education to youth.
  • Passion for developing the emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of the life of young people to become active members of our community of faith.
  • Willingness to work with others in ministry and to continue to deepen their call to work with young people by participating in continuing education.
  • Open minded with a willingness to risk and learn.

Education, experience and diplomas required:

  • A university degree (preferably in theology or Christian education) or a certificate in Christian formation and proven experience in episcopal youth ministry are required for this vital and growing ecclesial ministry.
  • Lay people or members of the clergy; theological and practical knowledge of episcopal faith, tradition and ethics
  • Proficiency sufficient to use technology for administrative maintenance such as database, event planning and purchasing, as well as up-to-date classroom methods.
  • Strong pedagogical, classroom management, interpersonal, budgetary and organizational skills, as well as proven experience in neighborhood outreach.

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