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After seeing his first unqualified choice as head of the Anchorage public library system rejected by the Anchorage Assembly last Tuesday, Anchorage Mayor David Bronson appealed to another unqualified figure and controversial to do the six-figure job – Judy Norton Eledge.

As the first person appointed by Mayor Bronson, Sami Graham, Eledge is an unqualified appointee who lacks direct experience running a library and does not have the requisite master’s degree in library science. Eledge is a former teacher, Conservative activist and Bronson supporter who ran for Anchorage School Board this year, losing the race to Dr Kelly Lessens.

Eledge also served as president of the Anchorage Republican Women’s Club and, in December, voted for Donald Trump as the Republican voter of Alaska.

Eledge sparked outrage over the inflammatory social media posts in February and admitted to writing “a few,” but insisted some of the posts had been “edited” to make it look bad.

Screenshots appeared to show Eledge associating gay and transgender people with pedophilia, criticizing Muslims, Alaskan natives and people of color.

Daniella Rivera of Channel 2 News interviewed Eledge as outrage over the social media posts grew, writing in her article:

“In an effort to verify Eledge’s claims that the screenshots had been altered, the Alaska news source asked him to provide the original posts. She provided no evidence and her Facebook account now appears to have been disabled.

It is unclear what Mayor Bronson was thinking when he appointed Eledge to manage the Anchorage public library system. Yesterday, Assembly Member Felix Rivera said of Eledge:

“Let’s just say she has a bit of a colorful past of making interesting points. “

This is an understatement.

Like most Americans, I found the events of January 6 horrific, and anyone who had paid attention to Trump’s social media posts from a distance in the weeks leading up to that dark day could reasonably deduce that Trump was working to undermine it. free and fair presidential election.

Three months ago, The Epoch Times – affiliated with the new religious movement Falun Gong – continued to downplay the events of January 6, which left several dead. Four Capitol Hill cops have committed suicide since the armed insurgency, but let’s face it, in this polarized political climate, not everyone sees it the same way.

Trump’s misinformation about safe and effective COVID-19 mitigation strategies was heinous – the side effect of which was that disinformation about mask-wearing spread across social media like wildfire, sparking people deep divisions between political parties leading some to believe that wearing a mask can cause cancer, which, to anyone’s surprise, is not at all true.

Eledge wrote in November last year that hospitals weren’t overwhelmed and that the allegations they were were “union bullshit.” Eledge wrote that testing for COVID-19 should be stopped and encouraged parents to call their doctors and local hospitals to tell them the “truth” about hospital capacity.

In November, hospitalizations continued to rise, putting pressure on the state’s already strained healthcare system. The following month, Anchorage entered a month-long “limited reception” to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in the Municipality of Anchorage.

When Eledge ran for school board this year, the “Judy Norton Eledge for School Board” was posted on APRE, and a simple group search for her name reveals many matches specifically related to her school board application. .

In a comment made to APRE as part of the Alaskan Black Caucus community’s live discussion of Critical Race Theory, and allegedly referring to a $ 1.15 million federal grant that the organization received, Eledge wrote:

“And the muni gave them a lot of money. We must demand a white group.

When an Anchorage resident asked him what Eledge meant by a ‘white group’, Eledge didn’t respond, but neither did Eledge deleted his comment.

Is this the librarian the residents of Anchorage deserve from Mayor Bronson? Did four years of Donald Trump ruin our accountability system? Is this the most qualified and best suited candidate to serve clients of the Anchorage public library system?


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