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America, be proud of what you have accomplished in Afghanistan. America, we have spent billions of dollars and the lives of our brave servicemen in Afghanistan.

This is what has been accomplished. Thirty years ago, 20% of Afghans were killed by a combination of Russian interference and an internal civil war. America put an end to this and gave the Afghans hope for a better future.

The evil Saudi and Pakistani radical religious movement of Wahhabism had seized Afghan children and created the Taliban. America has eliminated the Taliban.

Today’s Taliban do not exist. They are the product of our State Department and the Saudi-Pakistan Alliance. They cannot exist because the youngest true Taliban must be at least 40 years old, and the lifespan in Afghanistan is less than 40.

So who are they and where do they come from?

The Saudi Wahhabis have established 143 schools called “madrasas” across the Pakistani border. They told the Afghans to send their sons to their “free” school for a few months. They would be fed, educated and protected from the Russians. The few months turned into 12 years. Today, the 7-year-old Afghan boy is 19. Boys attending these schools were called students. The translation of the word “student” in Afghanistan is “Taliban”. So the Afghan children returned home as students / Taliban. They had been brainwashed by radical Wahhabi teachings.


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