Ker CM questions the secular position of the IUML; League Garbage Loads


Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday accused the Muslim League of Indian Union of adopting a common position on various issues, but the IUML leadership denied the accusations, saying no one could ignore their contributions to the preservation of the “beauty” of the secular face of the southern state. like that.

When Vijayan asserted that the IUML was today taking up the slogans of Jamaat-e-Islami and the Popular Front, IUML MP and strongman PK Kunhalikutty made it clear that his party had never compromised its secular position. long time on no issue. Taking on the Congress-led UDF, in which the IUML is a key partner, and the BJP, Vijayan said right-wing forces had yet to face the fact that the Marxist party government came to power in the state for the second time in a row.

Thus, they were launching a bogus propaganda campaign against the left-wing government and trying to communitarize even small problems, he accused while opening a party conference here. The UDF, BJP, Jamaat-e-Islami and all these groups were together in this movement against the government, he alleged. Alleging that a deliberate attempt to communitize problems was seen in the state, Vijayan said that a “politicized communitization” had been observed in the recent controversies over the “Jihad of love” and “halal”.

“The IUML previously had an agreement with the Jamaat-e-Islami and the Popular Front. But that has changed and we see them taking up the slogans of these two organizations nowadays. Those who want peace in this party should speak out. against that position, “he said. However, Kunhalikutty dismissed the accusations and said that the credit for all the achievements and developments, which Kerala now boasts, also goes to the IUML.

Stating that the IUML was not a party that cultivates separatism, he also claimed that it even led campaigns to promote secularism alongside its political activities. “The presence of IUML is one of the reasons for retaining the beauty of the secular face of Kerala like this among other states in the country. The people of the state are well aware of this,” Kunhalikutty said. Emphasizing that secularism does not mean rejection of religion, he also said that religious faith and communitarianism must be considered separately.

In his recent strong protest against the Vijayan government’s controversial decision to hand over Waqf board appointments to the Civil Service Commission, which was later suspended, he said they could not compromise infringing on the agency’s jurisdiction and objecting was part of a nation-wide fight.

-With PTI inputs


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