Jim Polzin: Why Johnny Davis Appearing On The NBA Radar Is A ‘Win-Win’ For Wisconsin Men’s Basketball | Wisconsin Badgers Men’s Basketball

“He can do whatever he wants. If he played for Duke or Kentucky or somebody like that, I don’t think he would be able to freelance like that. But in the Wisconsin system, the way that they play basketball, he gets his opportunities. And he’s certainly making the most of it. No doubt about it. “

Pause for a second and think about what Mark Davis said and how it doesn’t match the negative perception that has been hanging over the Badgers for years: that if rookies want to end up in the NBA, they should choose to play for a different program.

This is what top notch products in the state such as Johnson (Duke) and Tyler Herro (Kentucky) chose to do and it worked well for all of them. But Mark Davis and Johnny Davis were convinced that playing at UW would help – without hurting – UW’s goal of playing to the next level.

As for the first part, about Johnny Davis dragging one or two more seasons if he is not guaranteed in the top five? I find it hard to believe that he will return if he finds out that he will be a lottery pick this summer.

Gard, for his part, said he hasn’t had any discussions with his star player about the future.

“I’ve always taken the approach that if someone has a really good year and they have that kind of attention on them, it’s highly likely that we have a really good year,” Gard said then. as the No.23 Badgers (11-2, 2-1 Big Ten Conference) prepared for a game Thursday against Iowa (11-3, 1-2) at the Kohl Center. “So it comes with the territory. If he plays really well, it’s good for our team and it’s good for our program. And he spent a lot of time on it. He has great teammates supporting and helping him and he would also be the first to give them credit. I see it as a win-win from all points of view.

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