Iconic horror series Dead Space gets next-gen remake


Dead space came back to make us whole! It’s been eight years since the last entry in the iconic survival sci-fi horror series, but today has seen some very interesting news courtesy of EA Play Live – a “melted” remake of the original using Frostbite game engine for release on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. one minute trailer is light on details (as most teasers are), but we’re assuming the plot will remain essentially the same: set in the 26th century, Dead space followed Engineer Isaac Clarke as he leads a search and rescue mission for his girlfriend after the government spacecraft she is aboard fell silent. Upon arriving on the ship, Clarke encounters a whole host of nasty bodily horrors in the form of necromorphs – mutated human hosts linked to alien technology and a fanatical religious movement called Unitology. That’s … a lot, but it’s also super terrifying and badass.

Originally developed by the now defunct studio Visceral Games, the new Dead space is in the process of being redone by Motive, who recently released the very well-received Star Wars: Squadrons. Unfortunately, no release date or window has been given yet, but we expect that to change in the fairly near future. Check out the trailer below.

Can’t wait to be terrified? – New Dead spacethe missing release date getting you down? Fear not (wait …), there are still a ton of great horror games to tide you over while you wait. The one you might not have heard of yet is Devotion, a take on Taiwanese developers Red Candle Games who until recently was stuck in censorship hell thanks to the Chinese government’s anger over a little in-game prank poking fun at President Xi Jinping. After years of vagueness, Devotion is now available for download without DRM and is well worth the time of fans of horror games.

Then there is Dark wood, another lesser-known spooky title courtesy of Acid Wizard Studios. contrary to Devotion, Dark wood is a slightly cartoonish top-down art design, but make no mistake, the game can get really scary, really fast. Of course, if all else fails, take a quick look around and at the headlines online. We’ve argued in the past that, contrary to popular belief, we’re all pretty much stuck in a cheesy 1980s sci-fi horror movie.


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