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Once your Square account is set up, you’re ready to start processing credit cards and other types of payments using the tools in your Square dashboard and POS app.

1. Use Square’s Virtual Terminal to process credit cards

Square’s Virtual Terminal lets you enter credit card information from phone orders or for in-person sales if you don’t have a card reader available. To process a credit card this way, click Virtual terminal in your Square dashboard and select Accept payment to create a new sale.

Complete the appropriate fields of the fee amount and payment type and click Charge and your payment is complete.

2. Use Square Invoices to receive payments online

With Square Invoices, you can accept credit cards and ACH payments upon account creation. To process payments using invoices, click Invoices in your Square dashboard, fill in the fields in the invoice fields, select the payment options available for the invoice, enter your customer information and email address and click Send.

Your customer will receive an invoice by e-mail with a link to make the payment online using one of the payment methods selected.

3. Use Square’s payment link to process credit cards

The payment link is another way to use Square to process credit cards. This sends a payment request to a customer via a text link. The Payment Link is a payment method in the Virtual Terminal. Instead of entering a payment directly, select Send payment linkenter your customer’s cell phone number and click Send a link.

The text link opens Square’s Secure Online Payment. There, customers can choose to pay with a credit or debit card or through Google Pay, Apple Pay or the Cash app.

4. Use the Square POS app to process credit cards

Once installed on your mobile device, you can use Square’s POS app to process credit cards by entering card information directly into the app or using a Square card reader or registering to physically capture card data.

Most users associate the POS application with a card reader or use a retail register to physically accept credit cards as shown below.

However, the versatile POS app also allows you to enter card information to process mobile payments when needed, as shown below.

5. Process e-commerce payments

Square supports payment processing for all types of e-commerce stores. If you don’t have an online store yet, you can start a free e-commerce website using Square Online. Simply add product information to your Square dashboard, set up your Square online store, and you’re ready to receive orders and process payments online.

If you already have your own website on WordPress, Wix, BigCommerce, Ecwid, or other leading e-commerce platforms, you can seamlessly connect Square’s payment gateway to process credit cards for online sales. line.

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