How to get free COVID tests online from the USPS

US residents can order four free at-home COVID tests per address from the USPS, and tests can be ordered online using a new portal.

The U.S. government is delivering on its promise to provide every residential address and post office box with free home access COVID testing through a new online portal. The plan to provide in-home COVID testing was announced by the White House in late 2021. In early 2022, a new online ordering system was created to process test orders which begin shipping in late January. Using the infrastructure of the US Postal Service, the federal government hopes to deliver free tests to every address as quickly as possible by mail.

Although US President Biden has pledged to order more than 500 million home COVID tests to make available to Americans, it’s unclear when those tests will be available. USPS. attempts to combat demand for testing by limiting orders per household. However, due to the increase in COVID cases in the United States, the tests may become out of stock.


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To order the free COVID tests, simply go to the USPS website. The order form can also be found using the page but it takes a few more clicks to request the tests. Enter contact information, including name and address. An email address is strongly recommended in order to access package tracking for COVID testing, but is not required. Once all the information has been entered, click on the green “Proceed to checkoutto order the tests. No credit card or other form of payment is required to order the home kits. Currently, an internet connection is required to place an order, but for users without internet access, the federal government is also taking orders by phone at 1-800-232-2033.

Order Errors and How to Fix Them

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A common error when ordering tests is the message “At-home COVID-19 tests have already been ordered for this address.” The Postal Service recommends users receiving this error to first check with others living in their home to see if they have already ordered tests. Regardless of the number of residents living at the same address, only four tests can be ordered per residence. If no one else has ordered tests, users should try placing the order again. People needing additional tests to diagnose symptoms of COVID-19 can find local testing sites through the Department of Health and Human Services’ online portal.

Tests can only be delivered to residential addresses and PO boxes in the United States and its territories, including American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Wake Island, and Northern Mariana Islands . This means that any business address will receive an error message during the checkout process. If an address cannot be validated, USPS offers a lookup tool to help find the correct address in its system. Once the order has been confirmed, the covid tests will be delivered within two weeks and can be tracked through the Postal Service’s website.

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Source: USPS

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