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The Bhagavata Purana brings to light the inscrutable power of the Supreme Lord through the narration of the war between Dhruva and the yakshas. Shortly after Dhruva ascended the throne and began his virtuous reign, his brother Uttama was killed by a Yaksha while on a hunting expedition. Dhruva wished to avenge his death. So he waged a war against the Yakshas which caused a lot of destruction. They retaliated with a too terrifying magic battle and Dhruva aimed at the Narayana astra to negate this attack, Sri B. Sundarkumar said in a speech.

The enemy was now ruthlessly attacked, and then Swayambhuva Manu appeared before Dhruva and asked him to renounce the wrath and destruction caused by war. He praised Dhruva for his good qualities and righteous conduct and pointed out that it is not the way of devotees of Vishnu to indulge in such slaughter of many innocent people just to avenge his brother’s murder. The Lord is the antaratma in all beings and the whole universe functions through His Sankalpa. The time where Kala, Prakriti and the Gunas are under His control. By the power of His Mayan Yoga, when these stir, srishti, stiti and samhara take place. But the Lord transcends all of that. He remains the impassive engine of this universe and all that it contains. He is therefore the cause or the agent of all events but He is not the agent. He is the one who brings about the end of the jivatmas which are caught in the cycle of birth but He is not the killer. He is the ultimate cause of creation and destruction, including all destructive forces. He uses others as agents of destruction while He remains infinite and immutable. So Uttama was killed by the Lord in the form of Time and not the yaksha. Dhruva then let go of his anger and made peace with Kubera.

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