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When it comes time to compare and choose the best cell phone plan, consider:


No one should ever have to worry about how their cell phone works, especially the elderly who need to be connected in an emergency. By choosing a plan from one of the major mobile carriers (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile), you can have peace of mind knowing you have full nationwide coverage.

Are you looking for the best coverage plan? Of the top three carriers, Verizon scored the highest in overall network performance and reliability, according to a January 2021 report from network testing company RootMetrics. Verizon offers many phone plans, including the Start Unlimited plan for $ 30 per month, which offers unlimited calling, texting, and data. While not a senior-specific plan, it connects you where and when you need to be. Meanwhile, Florida residents may be eligible for Verizon’s 55+ unlimited plan which offers more discounts for seniors.


If you’re using your phone to video chat with your family, play games, or download apps, make sure your phone plan includes data. Most providers offer plans that include “unlimited data” plans. These plans can be a good choice to minimize your risk of overage charges at the end of the month or running out of data when you need it.

If you’re not sure how much data you’re using each month, check out our guide to determining the right amount of data. With this amount, you can use your phone whenever you want at an affordable price.

Are you looking for an affordable unlimited data plan? T-Mobile offers three 55+ plans ranging from $ 27 to $ 45 per month, which include all unlimited calling, texting, and data.

Minutes and messaging

If you don’t use a smartphone (or use little to no data) but regularly call and text, you need a plan that covers the minutes and messages you use each month. Most wireless service providers offer monthly plans with a set number of minutes and messages included. If you’re looking to save on your bill, a talk and text-only plan may be an affordable option.

Looking for a conversation and text only plan? Republic Wireless offers an Unlimited Talk & Text plan for $ 15 per month, with the option to pay monthly or annually for additional savings.


Many cell phone service providers have created inexpensive cell phone plans, some specifically designed for seniors. These plans can be limited to minutes for conversations and texting only. Many offer a basic package with the option to add additional features.

Looking for a cheap cell phone plan option? Consumer Cellular offers affordable phone plans that are ideal for seniors looking for an affordable and flexible phone plan. With no activation fees or long-term contracts, you can change your plan at any time without incurring any additional costs.

The Consumer Cellular Unlimited Talk & Text + 3GB plan for $ 25 per month is exceptional value. 3GB of data provides additional flexibility from a standard talk and text-only plan and at an affordable price. The company also offers discounts to AARP members, normally a savings of 5% each month.

Ease of use

Some wireless service providers offer plans and features specifically designed for seniors to facilitate the process of setting up and using a plan, as well as understanding the bill.

Looking for an easy to use plan? Mint Mobile makes it easy with an inexpensive prepaid cell phone plan. While it doesn’t include specific discounts for seniors, the carrier’s 4GB plan only costs new customers $ 15 per month, with the option of paying $ 45 for three months at a time. This way, you don’t have to worry about a complicated bill at the end of each month.

Lively is another wireless service provider designed for the elderly. With Lively, there is no long-term contract, and they have a selection of senior-friendly phones that include features like an urgent answer button and hearing aid compatibility. Lively offers several phone plans, starting with 250 minutes of talk time for $ 14.99 per month.

Additional benefits

Price and reliable coverage may be more important than features, but some wireless service providers offer additional benefits specifically for seniors.

Are you looking for a phone plan with additional benefits? Lively makes the list again with her advanced options for the elderly, including urgent care, which let you speak to a nurse or doctor at the push of a button. LivelyLink also informs those close to you about your health and safety and offers “fall detection” technology, which automatically connects you to an operator if a fall is detected.

Meanwhile, Consumer Cellular has partnered with AARP to offer additional benefits on all of its plans, including a 5% discount on monthly cell phone bills and up to 30% off cell phone accessories.

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