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“So encourage each other and build yourself up like you’re already doing. »- 1 Thessalonians 5:11

When the Vidalia United Methodist Church burned down early on Sunday morning, the Miss-Lou community and many across the state of Louisiana rallied around the church congregation and immediately began looking for ways to help them. to get back on our feet, as we all should.

No matter what your religion or belief, whether or not you believe Jesus is our Savior, there is no denying that the church meant a lot to people.

For these church members, it was like a second home – a place where deep spiritual bonds were made, a place where baptisms took place, where the lives of lost loved ones were celebrated, and where marriages took place. start.

To see it all ignite on a Sunday morning is simply tragic.

What is amazing, however, is the way people reacted.

This tragedy brought people together in unexpected ways.

Some members of the congregation of this church went to other churches to worship and thus established new relationships. Others spent their mornings praying as the fire consumed the church and continued to bond.

Guylyn Boles didn’t know the first person to hug her when she first arrived at the church fire on Sunday morning, but “I know her now,” she said .

Reverend Steve McDonald said that people from all over who have a connection to the church or no connection at all have offered money and their services.

Some offered to help clean up and rebuild, and others asked to donate Bibles, hymns, chairs, and space for worship services.

Former Vidalia UMC pastor Stewart Sherman said the blaze was indeed a tragedy, but also an opportunity for the church to connect with the neighboring community in a way it previously couldn’t.

God works in a mysterious way in the midst of our struggles and sorrows to make good things happen as a result. We offer our prayers to the Vidalia United Methodist Church community and are grateful to those who have supported them in their time of struggle.


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