Fourth relaunch of live updates: can this happen in September? California payment, child tax credit dates …


– Millions of unemployed Americans will see their benefits reduced on September 6. In California, the majority from these receiving payments will see theirs cut on labor day. (Whole story)

Governor of California Gavin Newsom announces that the second round of Golden State Stimulus Checks will be sent in the the coming week. (Whole story)

– Some Democrats push the government to extend federal unemployment benefits. Who is versus the measure? (Whole story)

Florida judge to rule on a legal action brought against the state government to restore benefit payments. (Whole story)

– In September, two thirds of Californians will receive a $ 600 stimulus check, they will also go to the polls in a recall election contested. (All the details)

Disney and many other businesses are closing physical stores, leading to massive layoffs, increasing unemployment. (Whole story)

– Democrats unveil $ 3.5 trillion spending bill, what made the cut? (Whole story)

FDA approval Pfizer vaccine will certainly have an impact on economic recovery. (Whole story)

– The child tax credit contributed to 3 million children out of poverty (Whole story)

Useful information / links

– Brief overview of the three dunning checks that were sent by the federal government since March 2020. (More information)

– What pandemic programs will there be after additional unemployment benefits end? (More information)

– Key information on SNAP eligibility as well as a brief history of the program. (More information)

Second state of gold Stimulation control in California: when will the payment arrive? (More information)

– What impact has the Child tax credit hungry in the United States? (More information)

– When should I contact the IRS if my tax refund has not arrived? (More information)

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