Flint’s Dorothy’s House of Coffee pours it into the community


FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) – Dorothy’s House of Coffee is focused on helping the community of Flint. Upon entering Dorothy’s House of Coffee in Flint, customers immediately notice that there is something different about the space.

Owner Tim Goodrich is behind the counter, counting coffee beans and pouring hot coffee. Goodrich took over as host at the height of the pandemic, after the Catholic community in Flint could no longer support the store.

He spent the last year revamping the place.

“A facelift on the look of it,” Goodrich said.

It included a new logo, new website, signage and new equipment for brewing coffee.

“We started the association, raised funds to do all of this and now we are here,” he said.

This business goes beyond coffee beans. For Goodrich, owning Dorothy’s is an act of faith.

“There were just things, spiritual things like things that made the stars look like they were aligned,” he said.

This is his goal.

“It’s out of feeling that I’m supposed to do this,” Goodrich said.

It was this sentiment that led Goodrich to keep the coffee focus on his namesake Dorothy Day. Day was an American journalist and founder of the Catholic worker movement. Its history is fully exposed through photographs adorning each wall of the café.

“Dorothy Day is known as someone who dedicated her life to the poor,” he said.

His life inspired Goodrich to make the same commitment.

Dorothy’s House of Coffee is a non-profit organization.

They have a menu with suggested donations. Goodrich said most, if not all, pay a premium and sometimes give more. He said people have gone above and beyond.

“I think, I think it was like $ 50 or something and she said LOAD $ 50 on my card to pay it off in advance,” he said.

It’s times like this that keep Goodrich paying the next. The group of men who maintain the lawn are all volunteers who are enrolled in an addiction program. Once a week, Goodrich can’t wait to share a hot cup of coffee with them.

“So usually on Tuesday all these guys show up here and they’ll have free coffee,” he said.

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