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Access to Graduate Works

To access Degree Works, log in In your myCNM Account and click on the “Degree Works” link in the Registration tab.


If you have additional questions about Degree Works, contact an advisor.

Degree Works is an online tool you can use to plan your degree or certificate.

Use of diplomas

Benefits of using Degree Works:

  • Determine the requirements you must meet to obtain your certificate and/or diploma.
  • View individual course grades and grade point average (GPA).
  • Determine which courses you have taken or transferred and how they apply to your program.
  • See pending registrations, date and time of registration, grade level.
  • See how your courses could be applied to another certificate or degree using the “What-If” option.

The information in Degree Works is refreshed nightly. Any changes made today (e.g. grade changes or added/removed classes) will be visible in Degree Works tomorrow.

You cannot change majors or enroll from Degree Works. Registration will continue in myCNM.

Program evaluation

A Degree Works program assessment is a review of past, current and “planned” courses which provides information on the met and unmet requirements needed to earn a certificate or degree.

Degree Works uses current informationlily on your transcript. You wiwill be able to see all the courses that have been completed, saved or transwered with the date of your program evaluation was last refreshed (data is refreshed every night). Keep in mind that any transfer work or class change that has not been formally submitted and accepteded will not appear on your program assessment.

Review program requirements

Look for unchecked boxes to identify requirements you still need to complete. You can also select the “Enrollment Checklist” view in Degree Works to see only unmet requirements.

If you think your program evaluation is incorrect, Notice is your main point of contact. If your to advise determines that your audit is incocorrect, they will contact Registration Services help.

Missing transfer job

There could be two reasons why the transfer job does not meet a requirement. First, the course has not reached the minimum number of credits and/or the minimum grade requirement to use in your program of study. Second, the requirement may have been met by another neckcsr and this course is simply not necessary.

Course replacements

To resolve any course substitution issues, contact your university school. All waivers, substitles or exceptions for major or concentration requirements must be communicated to the Enrollment Services Department by the academic school.

Generic map

If you see a subject code followed by two numbers and separated by a colon, it is a wildcard in Degree Works. If it appears after a subject code (e.g. “ANTH1101:2999”), it means you can take any course with that subject code (any anthropology course).

Lesson Plan tab

The Lesson Plan tab is a tool for you and your advisor organize course requirements in the future terms. It is recommended you have an active plan and are working with your advisor keep this at the topfordate, as this information can be used by college administrators to determine demand for various courses each term.

Yesour adviser can see your plan and participate with you in the planning process. There is also a “Notes” functionality for you and your advisor retain additional information. Your counselor will lock in your plan after discussing with you. Once your plan is locked, you will need to return to your Advisor make changes to this plane.

Your Course program The tab is for planning purposes only. You will still need to register via myCNM. If you discover that a course you had planned is not offered, you must identify an alternative course and take the original course, if still needed, in the future term.

Check your GPA

Your overall GPA is the cumulative grade point average for courses taken at CNM. Transfer credits and credit/non-credit courses do not count towards your GPA. The overall GPA can be found in the top left corner of the “Lesson Plan” tab. It is under your name and your student card. The GPA syllabus is near the top right corner of the audit before the course requirements.

WhatIf Option

The What-If function allows you to hypothetically modify your program. the WhatIf the audit shows you what coa course is required for a different certificate or diplomathe courses you have taken that meet the requirements, and what courses do you still have to take.

The last 5 whatIf audits are recorded automatically. To see past WhatIf so, click on the “What If History” tab on the left. The What-If feature is for informational purposes only.

Always speak with a to advise before initiating changes based on a What-If scenario. After consulting your to advise, please complete the process to change your middle finger.

GPA Calculator

The duration calculator will show you your estimated cumulative GPA after completing the note provided information. By put your inprogress courseits in yourcorn along with the grade you expect to receive for each course, you will see a Revised GPA based on the estimates you provided.

Please note: Some grades do not count towards your GPA. These grades include CR, NC, TR and TRD. If you have a course that is graded this way (i.e. any course below the 1000 level, or any course you took with credit/no credit), you will need to remove it from the course list because it will give you an inaccurate AMP.

Your calculated GPA is only an estimate; it is not guaranteed.

Hhow to print

You can save or print your Degree Works certificate or degree program assessment using the “Save as PDF” button. You may need Adobe Acrobat Writer to save your assessment.

When to Check for Degree Works

You should review your audit at at least four times a term.

You should always review your audit

  • before meeting with your advisor to discuss registration for an upcoming term;
  • after you register to ensure that the courses you have selected applied to your needs as you hopeside (remember that the courses you enroll in today display go up in degree works tomorrow);
  • after your notes for each term are displayed; and
  • whenever you change your schedule or major.


Degree Works cannot accommodate all eventualities in program completion requirements. If you meet all the requirements and have not applied for your degree, go to the Graduation tab of myCNM or click on the “Graduation Application” link in Degree Works.

Incorrect or missing information

If you think your credentials are incorrect or missing information, tthere may be several reasons why the information may not be correct. One of the reasons is that Degree Works may not have been updated since a change has been made (the information is updated every night).

Second, tthere might be documents that still need to be finished. For example, if you are transferring courses from another college, the CNM may not have received an official transcript or the courserk is waitingg-exam

Some additional concerns may be:

My diploma and/or certificate is incorrect in my program evaluation.

If you have not officially changed your program of study, contact a to advise for instructions. If you have already officially change your program of study, the diploma The work audit will only show your active degree and/or certificate audit. If your change is effective for a future term, the change may not appear until this term begin. You can also run a WhatIf for your new programa m.

The requirements for my degree and/or certificate are incorrect.

Look at the catalog term that appears on the requirements block of the degree and/or certificate of the audit. According to our data, this is the catalog you use to complete your program terms. If you think you should use older or newer requirements, contact a to advise.

My transfer courses do not appear in the correct place.

If you are concerned about a transfer course that should be applied in program evaluationtionContact a to advise. VSgirls aregarding notnot aapplying in the rclear place. DiplomaWorks uses a “best fit” approach to meet the requirements so that the classes can apply to different sections like you take more courses. If you have any further questions, please contactyou an advisor.

My program director or associate dean gave me permission to substitute a course, but it does not appear on my aaudit.

Speak with your school to advise. Once exceptions are approved by the office of the Dean of schoolchange is then sent to Registration Services for treatment. The whole process may take several weeks complete.

Contact Registration or Advisory Services if there is an error that is not listed and you need additional information. assistance.

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