DeepTarget and Access Softek Announce Seven Finalists and Grand Prize Winner of the Digital Impact 2021 Award for Digital Marketing Excellence

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NAPA, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – DeepTarget Inc., a solutions provider that uses data mining and business intelligence to deliver targeted engagements across digital channels for banks and credit unions , and Access Softek, an omnichannel digital banking provider, today announced at the Access Softek customer conference the seven finalists as well as the grand prize winner of their 2021 Digital Impact awards program, honoring excellence in digital marketing.

The award is designed to recognize financial institutions that have used Access Softek digital banking services and the DeepTarget (DXP) digital experience platform to develop and execute a unique, creative and successful marketing campaign in the past 24 months. Finalists were selected based on a winning combination of campaign creativity, use of business intelligence / data and results.

The seven finalists selected are:

  • Crane credit union; Asset size: $ 865 million; Use of AI / Predictive Modeling – Crane used DeepTarget’s predictive modeling feature to identify members who were good candidates for new vehicle loans. They used these audiences in email marketing from August 2021 and by early October the Credit Union had made 80 auto loans worth more than $ 1.9 million. Using AI to target more precisely has drastically reduced their marketing cost per loan.

  • InFirst Federal Credit Union; Asset size: $ 224 million; Credit Card / Destination Savings Campaign – This targeted campaign aimed at non-cardholders aged 21 to 70 with a credit score above 620 was designed to encourage savings with a credit card with rewards. He creatively used his dog mascot in a fun and eye-catching way, with a click-through rate of 2.71%.

  • the Jolt Credit Union; Asset size: $ 440 million; Express Loan Campaign 2021 – The campaign ran from June to September 2020. The credit union used a Target by Rule campaign to target people between the ages of 18 and 59 who would be interested in a one thousand dollar express loan without credit check required. It has been broadcast on several digital channels – online and mobile banking and has also been promoted on other media. Digitally, the campaign saw a high click-through rate of 4.41%, resulting in 553 loans booked and $ 19,355 in fee income.

  • LBS Financial Credit Union; Asset size: $ 1.9 billion and over; GAP 2021 Promotion (Guaranteed Automobile Protection) – The campaign ran from January 1, 2021 to May 31, 2021 and used a target-by-rule method to offer free guaranteed automobile protection with new or used car loans. The credit union has had great results from those who have seen the ads on online and mobile banking platforms. With a click-through rate of over 3% and a conversion rate of 11%, they recorded 135 Influenced Conversions – members who took advantage of this promotion and took out auto loans.

  • Michigan schools and the government credit union; Asset size: $ 2.9 billion; Daily Extras Campaign – The goal of the campaign, which ran from August 2020 to December 2020, was to promote the use of credit and debit cards among cardholders. During the five months of its run, the campaign featured multiple ads across multiple channels – one for online banking and three for mobile – that generated over 47,000 impressions and an astounding 7.11% click-through rate. .

  • Russell Country Federal Credit Union; Asset size: $ 92 million; Home Loans Campaign – This campaign was designed to target all users with the goal of reserving $ 1.5 million in home loans. The credit union used multiple digital channels – online, mobile, and email and combined this with well-executed tracking on digital tracks allowing for well-balanced campaign execution. The campaign generated 2,184 unique impressions; 43 unique clicks; 1.97% click-through rate and total reserved dollars of $ 3,624,816.00! The campaign was halted on October 31 after they surpassed their internal target in a very short time.

  • Federal Coastal Credit Union; Asset size: $ 277 million; Loan Assistance Campaign – This campaign was created to help members during the COVID-19 crisis by providing members with a personal loan with a low interest rate and a 90-day deferral of payment to get through tough times . The marketing campaign, which was created with lobbies closed and staff working remotely, had overwhelmingly positive results with almost 6,000 unique impressions and 1,150 unique clicks – a click-through rate of 13.22% , which resulted in over 300 personal loans taken out or a 26% conversion rate.

These seven finalists were presented during the Digital Impact Spotlight sessions at the Access Softek customer conference held in Napa, California. Conference attendees voted to select the winner of the Digital Impact 2021 Grand Prize, which was announced during the awards ceremony at the show.

The winner is Jolt Credit Union for its express loan campaign. “It is an honor to be elected by our peers for this award,” said Bethany Dutcher, vice president of marketing for Jolt Credit Union. “We are grateful for our partnership with Access Softek and DeepTarget and look forward to seeing where this takes us moving forward. And on behalf of the Jolt Credit Union team, thank you for this recognition.

“It is an honor to work with Access Softek to provide credit unions with the solutions and resources to enhance their digital marketing capabilities with unique, personalized and targeted engagements,” said Jill Homan, President of DeepTarget. “We are thrilled with the opportunity to recognize organizations that have executed successful and unique campaigns using our combined solutions. It’s amazing to see our clients using technology to engage their members in unique ways at scale, increasing loyalty and revenue while reducing associated administrative costs.

“I am delighted to see these results from our clients, using Access Softek’s digital banking landscape, seamlessly integrated with DeepTarget’s digital experience platform,” said Chris Doner, CEO of Access Softek. “As an industry leader committed to providing an open platform, our goal was to enable our clients to bring together the best industry resources to meet the specific needs of their banking community. Without a doubt, the combination of DeepTarget and Access Softek innovations provides a unique customer experience that delivers exceptional results.

About DeepTarget

DeepTarget helps financial institutions integrate data sources with the goal of generating meaningful digital engagements that drive more loans and deposits. Their solutions help financial institutions connect with their customers with messages that resonate. DeepTarget’s smart digital marketing and sales solutions are used by hundreds of financial institutions to deliver a seamless communication experience where, when and how their customers do their banking. For more information, visit

About Access Softek, Inc.

Access Softek sets the standard for the omnichannel digital banking landscape, having developed the first downloadable applications for mobile banking. Since then, Access Softek has extended its track record of innovation to include online banking, biometric authentication, real-time fraud prevention and automated investments integrated directly into the digital banking platform of a financial institution, among many other innovative products. Now in its 35th year, Access Softek has delivered industry firsts to more than 400 bank and credit union clients from its headquarters in Berkeley, California. Learn more at

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