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It was early 1998 and Pistole Gun & Pawn was still just a dream in Danny Pistole’s head. He had always liked the idea of ​​opening a pawnshop since he previously had a barbershop next to a pawnshop in Oklahoma in the mid-1980s. The Pistole family will leave Oklahoma to return to Clinton in 1988 to live and work on family land. They would spend the better part of a decade working the family grounds, and through their patience and hard work, Danny would open a barbershop again in 1995 with a video store to follow the following year. So in early 1998, Danny found himself in a position to start his new business with his first pawnbroker. Their first client was a gentleman who needed $1,000 and a car warranty. Danny having $500 he could put in called his son Jeff for the remaining $500 and a partnership was born. The early years were tough with much of the family working for free, but they were able to slowly grow that first loan over time into Pistole Gun & Pawn.

While the first barbershop, located in the small apartment building just south of Doublebee’s on Hwy 65B, met their needs; with a new pawnshop, the need for space would quickly become apparent, so when their current location became available, they seized the opportunity and made the move. The log cabin building was built in 1978 as a show model and would serve their immediate needs, but with the barber shop then located where their showroom is now, the need to enlarge again came quickly. In 2002, they pistols on a south addition giving the barber shop a new home. Although the days of hair salons are over, the added area has served well for a wide variety of larger items, expanding the variety of merchandise to choose from.

Pistole Gun & Pawn is your pawn destination for all your needs and they are open Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm and Friday 10am-2pm. They carry a selection of new and used guns ranging from Ruger to Glock. Pistole Gun & Pawn is not only your go-to place for weapons ranging from handguns to shotguns, they also have a wide assortment of tools, films, precious metals, and gas-powered equipment. Pistole’s offers fair prices on pawn items and they are a collateral based lender with no credit check and a 10% layaway program and 10% per month after that interest free. You can visit Pistole Gun and Pawn at 892 Highway 65B.

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