Chris Sprows’ Podcast Returns for 2nd Season, Eyes on ESG Effects

house tenant Chris Sprows and author Vivek Ramaswamy take on “woke capitalism” in the Season 2 premiere of Sprows’ “Read, White & Blue” podcast.

In the first episode of the second season of his podcast, Sprows sits down with Ramaswamy, author of “WOKE, INC.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam.” In the episode, which will air on Tuesday, the couple discuss environmental, social and governance criteria, known as ESG, and the impact of “woke capitalism” on democracy.

Sprows, a Palm Harbor Republican nearing the end of his second and final year as Speaker of the House, created the podcast to highlight authors and books that have influenced his legislative agenda.

“The public policy we have enacted from the Florida House over the past two years has pushed Florida into a position of leadership to empower ordinary citizens, parents, and Americans. In “Read, White & Blue” Season 2, I explore with best-selling authors some of the best books on these issues – from woke capitalism to child literacy to law and order.” Sprows said in a statement.

The announcement comes less than two weeks after the government. Ron DeSantis bill to prevent the State from using ESG in its pension fund. The measure would also prohibit Wall Street banks, credit card companies and money issuers like PayPal from discriminating against customers based on their religious, political or social beliefs.

In recent years, Republicans have targeted ESG and BlackRock, a controversial investment firm that has spearheaded the ESG model. Sprows won’t be in the Legislature when lawmakers tackle ‘woke capitalism’ next year, but his successor, the House Speaker-elect Paul Rennersupports DeSantis’ proposal.

In the new season of “Read, white and blue“, Sprows will feature the renowned author James Pattersonancient donald trump advise Kellyanne Conway and Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac. Isaac, a former Florida State basketball player who is a Christian conservative, was inspired to write “Why I Stand” after gaining attention as the only player to stand for the national anthem during a match at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement. .

The inaugural seasonwhich followed the implementation of the President’s New Worlds Reading Initiative, included conversations on education, faith, polarization, leadership and their influence on policy.

“Read, White & Blue” will retain its weekly format and is available on popular podcast platforms.

Tuesday also marks National Book Lovers Day.

“National Book Lover’s Day is the perfect time to listen to the podcast and find out which book you should read next,” Sprows said.

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