Center’s rejection of Narayana Guru’s painting condemned

On Sunday, top Congress leader B Ramanath Rai sharply criticized the Center for rejecting the painting of the reforming saint Sree Narayana Guru proposed by the Kerala government to be displayed in the Republic Day parade.

Speaking to reporters here, Rai said the union government’s rejection of the painting by the great visionary Sree Narayana Guru for the Republic Day parade is “highly condemnable”. Guru was a great visionary, spiritual philosopher and social reformer who fought against the caste system, injustice and social discrimination inflicted on the backward classes suppressed by the upper castes.

Guru, who preached the doctrine of “one caste, one religion, one God”, has thousands of followers and devotees. By rejecting a painting on him, the Center insulted the great visionary and his philosophy, the former minister said, adding that the decision was “painful” and “unforgivable”. Rai said that when Congress was in power in Karnataka, the state observed Guru’s birthday as a government program.

A Sree Narayana Guru Study Chair has also been established at Mangalore University. The Centre’s rejection of the painting on him is an insult to the great visionary that cannot be tolerated, he said.

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