Center pledged to implement Golwalkar ideology: BJP leader PK Krishnadas

Kerala BJP Chief Leader and Party National Executive Member PK Krishnadas said on Sunday that India is being led by a government that is committed to implementing the ideology mentioned in the ideologue RSS Bunch of Thoughts by MS Golwalkar.

Days after top CPI(M) leader Saji Cheriyan resigned from his ministerial post over his controversial comment on India’s Constitution, the top BJP leader dismissed the opposition leader’s allegation of state assembly VD Satheesan that Cheriyan’s remarks on the Constitution came from a book written by Golwalkar. Krishnadas said Golwalkar has always shown respect to the authors of the Constitution, but Cheriyan denied the document even existed.

The BJP leader claimed “there is no doubt that the Constitution needs many amendments” and even India’s Chief Justice NV Ramana made it clear that “the Constitution should be Indianized”.

“…Many foreign concepts have entered into our Constitution. Even Guruji (Golwalkar) has said the same. Western influence must be removed. The special provision for Kashmir has been removed from the Constitution on the basis of the “Guruji’s ideology. India is ruled by a government that is committed to implementing the ideology mentioned in the Bunch of Thoughts. More such amendments can be expected,” Krishnadas said.

The top BJP leader went on to say that the Constitution envisions a distorted idea of ​​secularism.

“In true secularism, government will not interfere in religion and religion will not interfere in government but in India the government interferes in religious affairs and drops reservations based on religion. This must be changed. The Uniform Civil Code is secularism,” he said.

Attacking Article 1 of the Constitution which states that India shall be a union of states, Krishnadas said India was not a union of states but a single nation from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

“Socialism, which is a western concept, is not suitable for India,” Krishnadas said. According to media reports, the RSS had recently sent a legal notice to Satheesan asking for an explanation of where the comments were made by Golwalkar in his book.

Noting that he rejected the opinion with the “contempt it deserves”, the Congress leader said he was prepared to face any legal action and made the statement citing the number of book page. He added that the approach of the RSS and that of Cheriyan, who is also a member of the CPI(M) state secretariat, to the Constitution were similar.

A case has been filed under Section 2 of the Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act at Keezhvaipur Police Station, against Cheriyan for his controversial remarks. Cheriyan had announced his resignation on Wednesday amid growing criticism from various quarters, including the opposition, over his controversial remarks against the Constitution recently.

In footage broadcast by local television stations, the then Minister of State could be seen saying at a recent event that the country’s Constitution “condons exploitation” and is written in a way that helps to “plunder” the people of the country. In a statement to the state assembly on Tuesday afternoon, Cheriyan said news reports claiming he had criticized the Constitution at an event held in Mallappally in Pathanamthitta district were ‘distorted’ .

“I am a public servant who respects our Constitution and upholds its noble values… It was never my intention to insult the Constitution or say anything against it,” said the head of the CPI(M ).

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