Celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas: Olmsted Dates and Data

OLMSTED FALLS, Ohio – ‘It was two days before Christmas

And all over town

Cars have been seen everywhere

What created this quagmire?

Had they gone to buy gifts

Where to go to work?

No, it was another train stopped

And a lot of people have gone mad.

Driving in and out of tracks

Trying to escape the frustration,

While shoppers on the wrong side of their parked cars

I felt the same feeling of anger.

The viaducts are great

When they are able to reach their destination,

But the traffic jam made it difficult

Maybe a helicopter would be the best navigation.

The police were busy helping

All those in a tissue,

And berate the buyers

Crawling on the train – quite strange.

We live in a city with

Trains, planes and noise,

But we also have to keep

Calm down and try to keep our cool.

Residents here are generally

Happy and friendly every day,

So remember that while waiting

Outside of a train, our patience does not fray.

This is the perfect time to practice

This virtue,

It’s Christmas season,

A benevolent response that we must renew.

While shopping in town

For that perfect final gift,

It’s time to check our attitude

And give it a boost.

December has a special meaning

For this wonderful season,

Let’s try to live

That’s right, spiritual reason.

Mary and Joseph traveled far

To reach a stable in Bethlehem,

Do not meet trains,

But other challenges, this is not a fable!

They welcomed a little boy

Who became our savior and king,

A truly blessed event

With heavenly descent.

He entered a world

Humbly and quite simple,

His love, his mercy and his grace

We should all try to ignite ourselves.

As we travel to church

Kneel down and pray,

That all Norfolk and Southern trains

Continue to huff and outrun.

To all of our Sun News readers,

As the star of Bethlehem shines brightly,

Merry Christmas to everyone

And to all, calm and good night.

Celebrate 20 years: This year, the Olmsted Community Center celebrated its 20th anniversary.

This facility brought so much happiness here and filled so many needs in our community during this time.

This non-profit center has established a 20th anniversary commemorative program. He asked everyone who has benefited from his many programs to donate $ 20 to keep the center running financially. During the COVID shutdown, he lost 75% of his income due to not receiving fees from programs that couldn’t work. However, the center offered numerous outreach programs during this time to residents who needed a boost. The facility was open for those helping during this time, but people still had to clean the facility, which has its own special needs.

The Olmsted Community Center is a private 501 © non-profit organization. It does not benefit from any tax aid or local aid. Your $ 20 donation will help the center continue its important programming for the community that supports all ages. A larger donation, if possible, would also be appreciated.

Donations can be made online at bit.ly/3lFqHt7. It is also available on the centre’s website, olmstedcc.com. https://occ.recdesk.com/Community/Page?pageId=6173.

Why not donate now as a gift of love this time of year. There may only be two days left before Christmas, but eight days to contribute to this program before the end of the year. Help maintain programs for youth, school-aged children, parents and grandparents in our community.

Mitten tree: The Olmsted Community Church has a hat / mitten tree on its upper level in its main street building.

The tree hosts all new children’s hats, mittens and scarves for Providence House, a crisis nursery in Cleveland. Donations of adult cold weather items are also welcome.

The tree will remain until January 15.

Luminous vote: Have you checked out the 22 homes and businesses vying for the best decorated this holiday season? Well you better hurry up. The deadline to vote is December 29.

The Olmsted Chamber of Commerce presented us with the Bright Light Battle: Holiday Decorating Competition. The addresses and map of the competitors are on the chamber’s website, olmstedchamber.org and its Facebook page. The online voting page is also listed on each.

Why not pay a visit to the competitors and have fun. Again, be careful driving in the community as you will likely find many other motorists with the same intention.

Falls firefighters: Sometimes this columnist just doesn’t get valid information, but often gets listed on social media. Here is one of those incidents.

The Town of Olmsted Falls has released this information. It is something that should be shared with all of us.

The message indicated that, in keeping with the spirit of Christmas, the ministry had given approximately $ 1,500 in Christmas gifts to our Christians in Action organization for five families, including 14 children. The department also provided $ 100 “food only” gift cards from Shaker’s MarketPlace grocery store.

He has another $ 500 that will go to a scholarship fund, which is still being determined. Firefighter Bill Kerr spearheaded these efforts and all firefighters accepted the gesture. The funds used for the above donations were taken by payroll deduction for each pay period of the entire year.

Fire Chief Matt Sheehan thanked the firefighters for their involvement in this project. He wrote: “I am very proud of all the firefighters in the department and I appreciate everything they do.” He then wished, on behalf of the entire department, a “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

Thank you, Chief, for posting this message and thank you to the firefighters for contributing to such worthy causes.

Recall: Olmsted Township seniors who have ordered their free holiday meals must pick them up between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. on December 28 at the Community Hall in the Township of Olmsted Administration Building, 7900 Fitch Road. Those who have requested home delivery will also receive them that day.

Information, please: To include news, information, accolades or activities in Olmsted Falls and Olmsted Township, contact Joanne DuMound at [email protected]. She’s also on Twitter, @JoanneDuMound. The online version of the column at cleveland.com/olmsted has direct links for many news.

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