Carver County to host first tax-exempt property sale since 2016 | Chanhassen

After years of staff shortages and a pandemic, Carver County is holding its first public sale of forfeited properties since 2016. The auction will be held Wednesday, August 17 at 6 p.m. at the Carver County Government Center.

The sale includes 15 different properties in Hancock Township, Hamburg and New Germany. Item #1 of the properties has one structure, a single-family home built in 1880, while the other 14 are undeveloped land – 11 of which are in the same development and were taken from the same owner.

When a property owner stops paying property taxes, after three years of delinquency, the county initiates forfeiture proceedings in which the property is taken from them if the tax amount is not fully met.

Around February 15 each year, a new defaulting owner is notified in two ways: a letter is mailed to affected owners and a list of all properties is published in the county’s official gazette.

“We’re giving them every chance, we’re trying to contact them in every way we can to find those owners and make sure they’re aware that there are outstanding taxes and they will lose the property,” said Crystal, director of the Carver County Property Tax Department. Fields.

During the year of forfeiture, a taxpayer will receive formal notification of pending forfeiture action in four different ways: a refund expiration notice is mailed; a list of properties is published in the official county gazette; the redemption expiration list is posted outside the property tax department office; and the sheriff serves the notice of expiry of redemption on the owner.

Most of the properties in this auction had to pay taxes for several years. The owner of the Hancock Township single-family home in Green Isle, Gary Hasse, died in 2018 and the home was abandoned.

“In Carver County, we were pretty lucky,” Campos said. “We are giving up very few properties that have structures on them. Our typical is bare earth.

Although there are plenty of properties for sale this year, there won’t be any next year.

“For this year 2022, when we were going through the confiscation process, we actually managed to contact them and get them all paid in a timely manner so that we didn’t lose anything,” Campos said. “It was a tough but amazing feat. We will usually lose at least a few packages somewhere.


Buying forfeited properties involves a bit of extra research and quirks to be prepared for.

“There’s going to be a title break, so a title company or a lawyer would be needed to help them clear that up, whether it’s getting clear title now or a future sale of the property,” Campos said. “There are always building requirements they need to research before buying the property so they know what they envision for the property can actually happen.”

It’s unclear what participating in the auction will look like, but Campos is hopeful.

“I don’t remember any sale where every package sold out, but hopefully we’ll sell them all,” Campos said. “Hopefully we can get someone to come to the properties and have them build maybe their dream home.”

“Based on the phone calls we’ve received so far, there’s a lot of interest in a few packages,” Campos said. She identified the first parcel in particular, the single-family home, as having generated a lot of interest.

Packages that do not sell will be available for private sale the following day for the minimum auction price, plus additional fees.

Those interested in attending the auction will need to be at the Carver County Government Center to register before the 6 p.m. start time. Registration will begin at 5 p.m. Items will be sold in order of item number and payment must be made by cash or cheque, no credit or debit cards will be accepted.

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