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In his first Nowruz message to the nation of Iran at the Grand Mosque of Khorramshahr in southwestern Iran, Ebrahim Raisi said that the nation of Iran will undoubtedly see the result of its endurance this year, saying, “ My first message from Nowruz as president and servant of the people is the relentless effort to build a strong and advanced Iran.”

“No nation has achieved anything without intensive work and the maximum use of human and natural resources, and the new year and the new century must be the beginning of a new cycle of productive, useful, fruitful work and progressive for all of us,” he said.

Nowruz de Raisi’s first message as president is as follows:

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful

I sincerely congratulate you, dear Iranian nation and supreme leader of the Islamic revolution, on the arrival of Nowruz, the renewal of nature and the land, and the arrival of the year 1401.

I consider the coincidence of Imam Mahdi’s (as) birthday with the beginning of the new year as a good sign. I ask Almighty God for the appearance of Imam Mahdi (as).

Nowruz is the symbol and crystallization of a civilization based on values, the culmination of which is the worship of God, family togetherness and peace.

Nowruz this year is the delivery time of the century. In general, the 14th century was the century of the Islamic Revolution, the beloved nation of Iran, and this nation will remain brilliant in history. God willing, the next century will be the century of the emergence and exaltation of the Iranian-Islamic civilization resulting from the glorious Islamic revolution.

A century in which the Muslim people of Iran, led by Imam Khomeini (RA), liberated themselves from the rule of arrogance and tyranny and established independence and freedom with the establishment of religious democracy in the sacred system of the Islamic Republic.

Dear heroic nation of Iran, “here” is a symbol of your resistance; Great Mosque of Khorramshahr.

During the eight years of the imposed war, the East and the West of the world aligned themselves on the same front against the independence of Iran, but today they compete to interact with Iran. This is the greatness of the great Iranian nation.

The Iranian nation has passed through difficult historical stages with pride and preservation of its independence. Of course, he still does not ignore the enemy’s trickery.

The 15th century is the century of active role-playing of the Iranian nation, or in other words, the century of Islamic Iran.

All Iranian ethnic groups, including Persians, Lurs, Kurds, Azeris, Baluchis, Arabs and Turkmens, all serve this national cause. We are all one family, with a common destiny, the Iranian family.

In the seven months since taking office, the government has shown that it is determined to do what it says.

We said we will control the coronavirus with the help of God and the help of the people; Thank God it happened. We said we would not let the country and the economy sit idle for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), everyone saw that while negotiating and using political and legal tools to remove sanctions, we focused on the neutralization of sanctions.

Everyone saw from the first months how we activated suspended abilities, thanks to Almighty God and the people. Fortunately, signs of economic growth and stability and a significant increase in the value of foreign trade and non-oil exports have emerged during this period. We have increased trade with our neighbors for the benefit of the people.

We said that the main objective of the government was to curb inflation and to implement policies to eliminate inflation. With God’s help, this movement has started and today the slope of inflation for the last quarter of the year has diminished. Statistics prove this claim.

We said we would powerfully drive the wheel of production. Official statistics, which still date from the end of the third quarter, show that economic growth has reached more than 5%.

We said that we will use all the capabilities of the country to accelerate the progress and development of the country. Everyone witnessed how the way was cleared for public and revolutionary institutions to provide services to the people, and we all went to work together. Today, all institutions of the Islamic Revolution stand side by side with the government, and all stand side by side with the people.

Unlike the days when officials constantly slandered each other in the stands and worried the people, with the cooperation and coordination of the three branches and all the institutions, an attempt was made to transfer disagreements to meetings of experts and bring a spirit of hope and convergence to the official forums to solve the country’s problems.

We said that we do not trade people’s interests and security. Everyone has seen that we prioritize increasing the country’s defence, missile and space capabilities, because the country’s security is a priority.

We hope that our government will be a sincere government in fulfilling its promises and keeping the promises made in due time.

Your government, with active diplomacy, has rebalanced foreign policy. The country’s greatest achievement in recent years has been the outrageous failure of the US policy of maximum pressure, made possible by the resistance of the Iranian people.

Dear and noble people of Iran,

We have started to lead the country in the right direction. We did not seek the fate of the nation in the hands of foreigners. We put aside the dualism and distancing that undermines the power of the nation. We have shown that the power on the ground is in favor of the power of diplomacy. Diplomacy can serve health. We have used external relations to serve the economy of society, and that is the meaning of a transformational and justice-oriented government.

Dear Iranian Nation,

I am directly aware of your sufferings and I have touched them during trips to the provinces and in public meetings with the people.

During the 7 months of the government’s mandate, many efforts have been made to improve the living conditions of the people and control inflation, and we have also paid special attention to the poor, and God willing, we will continue to do it.

Since the government’s mandate, many closed and semi-closed workshops have resumed production.

This year, God willing, employment is our first problem. Unemployment is the source of all economic and social disasters, and support for production will be at the top of the government’s plans.

During this period, many programs have been continued through the launch of national projects and large-scale regional projects.

In the area of ​​housing production, inflation control and job creation, measures have been taken, the results of which will soon be visible in the country.

With God’s help and no doubt, this year the Iranian nation will see the result of its perseverance and endurance. As in the past, the results of their endurance and resistance have been proven.

I hope the new year is the year of the end of coronavirus in the world and the end of war and displacement in all countries of the world.

My first message from Nowruz as president and servant of the people is the relentless effort to build a strong and advanced Iran. No nation has achieved anything without intensive work and the maximum use of human and natural resources, and the new year and the new century must be the beginning of a new cycle of productive, useful, fruitful and progressive for all of us.

I cherish the memory of all the warriors, martyrs and veterans who fought for the glory of Islam and dear Iran in the last century, and at their head, our great Imam, who is undoubtedly the shining sun of the fourteenth century .

Once again I congratulate you, dear friends, on Nowruz and the beginning of the New Year, and I wish you all success, health, happiness and victory in the New Year.

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