BOOM! Power’s out – but he’s now back in Union City


An explosion rocked the Department of Public Works and Electricity building in Union City in the early afternoon yesterday. Few people in the village have heard of what happened to cut their electricity. But the employees and a guest of DPW and the village electrical building certainly did.

The explosion destroyed a key part of the city’s electricity grid. Fortunately, none of the village workers inside the building were injured. The same goes for local firefighters who quickly came to the scene to help put out a resulting small fire in the building. Two firefighters, however, suffered heat exhaustion but recovered quickly.

Electricity for the small village of about 2,500 people was cut off until about 10 p.m. It had been back for a while. Then a large fuse in the system broke, plunging the village back into darkness. Further repairs were carried out and the system was operational again at around 10:30 p.m. So far everything seems to be working fine.

The village, less than 20 miles south of Battle Creek, has posted regular updates to its Facebook page, followed by photos of some of the damage.

Workers in the city’s electrical system are now trying to figure out exactly what created the conditions for the eruption to occur.

The village describes the problem like this: “A line that supplies the entire village electrical system inside 106 Coldwater Rd had a major malfunction, caught fire and caused an explosion. This line connects the substation and our switchgear and was operating around 4 megawatts of that is high, but not unusual and within the capabilities of our 5 MW system.

The village attributes a quick and efficient response to the local fire department.
“The Union City Fire Department did a great job keeping our building intact and tackling a delicate electrical fire in a very energized building where the fire had spread to an attic. We greatly appreciate it. help from everyone and this team took a potential 2+ day outage and got us back up and running in about 8 hours. “

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